Dove Little Girls Show Real Beauty in True Colors

Dove promoted its “Real Beauty” campaign with “Little Girls”, commonly known as “True Colors”. The 60 second ad features girls from a number of ethnic backgrounds who wish they look different. The ad calls on the public to affirm young girls in their unique sense of beauty.

Girl with freckles in Dove Real Beauty Ad

Accompanied by Cyndi Lauper’s 1986 song, “True Colors”, we see girls who wish they didn’t have freckles, braces, dark hair, or layers of fat. The photography makes it clear that these girls are indeed beautiful, even if they don’t see it for themselves. Viewers are encouraged to do something about the low self-esteem of young girls. “Let’s tell her to be real and brave and true and she’ll be beautiful”. “Let’s make peace with beauty”. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto by creative directors Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, art director Tim Piper and Jackie Leak, writers Chris Dacyshyn and Debra Fried, and agency producer Brenda Surminski.

Filming was directed and photographed by Michael Rowles, with NewNew Films, Toronto, with producer Jeff McDougall.

Editor was Michelle Czukar at Panic & Bob, Toronto.

Beautiful smile in Dove Real Beauty Ad

Girl in Dove Real Beauty Ad thinks she's fat

Girl n Dove Real Beauty Ad wishes she were blonde

Girl with braces in Dove Real Beauty Ad

True Colors

Music in the original ad is ‘True Colors’ sung by Cyndi Lauper. The version introduced to the United States market during the 2006 Super Bowl was sung by the Girl Scouts of Nassau County.

Download Cyndi Lauper’s original version of True Colors from iTunes:

Cyndi Lauper - True Colors - True Colors

Beautiful girl in Dove Real Beauty Ad

  • Linda Wright

    I think this great for our girls. Letting the see their beauty outside and within.

    What I failed to see however in this campaign are the beautiful little black girls that have some of the same issues and perhaps even more. One little girl at the end of the ad, with what is commonly known to black girls as “good hair” and who really doesn’t look like she represents the majority of the other beautiful black little sister out there that need to know they are just as beautiful, doesn’t really suffice.

    You can’t have a “true” colors commercial without all the “true” colors represented.

    I would expect more from Dove… I hope in the future I can. Thank you

  • Evelyn Smith

    I really love Dove products because I feel that any person can use them on their skin type. But as the writer above mention, where are the little black girls? Where are the little hispanic girls? I feel like this commercial does not represent every little girl out there. How can little girls out there feel truly beautiful( as stated in the commercials) when every color isn’t fairly represented?
    I think that the idea for this ad campaign was brillant and I think that it could work in the future, but until everyone is fairly represented than it will contuine to make only white girls feel pretty.

  • Caroline

    Good points about the lack of black or Asian girls, but could this be because these demographics don’t buy Dove products? Don’t forget that, Campaign for Real Beauty or not, Dove is a company whose main aim is to sell products.

    • Jamie Kay

      Caroline, you are a moron and completely missed the point.

  • Andrea Young

    All of the “True Colors” are not represented. Where are the Hispanic, Black and India girls.

    Where can I submit an idea for a commercial?

    Dove is affordable for all regardless of your demographics. My family and I volunteer at a homeless shelter and Dove is distributed to all the families.

  • MH

    i don’t see any indian or middle eastern girls in there.

  • thurman

    demagraphics is correct, whether or not it appears “ignorant”. i am caucasian, my wife is half black and half german/jew. my employer and his family are korean, my foster parents are hispanic-spaniards…none of us buy dove products except i buy dove dish liquid. as you can see, a company need not waste their efforts on a campaign for any demagraphics that dont purchase their products, and to insist that you expect more from a company is simply a guilt trip you are trying to put forth… its not to say i dont like dove, their dish detergent is excellent, but other products like bath soap dries my skin out too much(its not dove’s fault). so those opposed, need to be more considerate of a company’s choices…

  • Ursula

    stupid white ppl

    • Cam

      way to be rude

  • Illusion

    I, too, approve the campaign in general, but (un)fortunately they only used girls in the video who look good or ‘not bad’ (talking general). The problem is there are some who have serious problems with their looks (especially overweight ones). The selection of those shown is just too small, as mentioned already.

  • Laura

    Come on, illusion–do you think Dove is going show obese or truly homely children? That would make the underlying bullshit of this “everyone is beautiful” claptrap a bit too obvious for comfort.

  • cruzette

    hello.. im still braces last past march 6, new braces ok smile thank you..

  • Alena

    To be very honest: I appreciate Dove’s campaign, but hey, I believe in “be who you want to be.” If you want to be blonde, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with it.

  • Moga

    I dont think thats what Dove is trying to say. It’s perfectly ok for you to want to change your apprearence to EXPRESS yourself. But when you want to change your appearence because you HATE yourself, well, what im trying to say is that Dove didnt create this campaign to stop young girls from expressing themselves; but more as a matter of making girls realize that they dont have to change themselves to be “beautiful”. In a way Dove is trying to convince this generation of kids that its OK to be yourself; that you dont have to dye your hair or laser off your freckles to be beautiful.

  • annemarie

    i loved the commercial, but they only showed white little girls where is black, hispanic, middleastern, all different colors that is not right and telling evveryone that you’re btf. bullshit

  • Sarah

    Well meaning, but not all that different from the white lies our mothers used to tell us about how we were beautiful just the way we are. Deep down we all knew it was BS.

  • Nina

    But where are the Finnish girls, where are the Yugoslavians, but where are the Martians, but where is my dog?
    Really, if they were to include every single person on the planet of every ethnicity of every size of every shape of every age of every mishmash you can possibly think of don’t you think it’d be overkill?
    Or are you really so wrapped up in yourself not to understand the undertone of these commercials?
    I think it’s a lovely campaign and I get the point. Everyone is beautiful in their own right. Every ethnicity, age, size, gender, color, shape, what have you. Everyone.

  • Dominicus

    Stop bitching about white, black, blue or whatever people. Just don’t watch it then and try to follow a self confidence course.