Dove Daughters and Mothers On Real Beauty

Dove Canada is promoting its real beauty campaign with “Daughters”, a short documentary on attitudes towards beauty and body image held by teenage girls and their mothers. Teenagers in the Daughters spot talk candidly about their feelings of self-consciousness, inadequacy, and pressure to conform to peer expectations. Some talk about dealing with eating disorders. Mothers talk about the struggle to teach their daughters self-respect and passion for life. The super for the 75 second ad: “Only 2 % of women feel comfortable describing themselves as beautiful. Build your daughter’s self-esteem at Dove’s Mother Daughter workshops.” The super for the 2:40 minute ad “Things won’t change until we change them. Learn about our mother daughter workshops”.

Dove Things Won't Change Until We Change Them

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The Dove Self-Esteem Fund is a national resource established in Canada as a link to Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, a program aimed at changing the current, narrow definition of beauty. The Fund aims to develop tools and resources to help Canadian women and girls build stronger self-esteem. Dove is committed to supporting organizations in Canada that foster a broader definition of beauty and positive self-image among women or girls.


The Dove Daughters campaign was developed at Ogilvy & Mather, Toronto by copywriter/art director Tim Piper and Yael Staav, with chief creative officers Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, art director Mike Kirkland, and agency producer Brenda Surminski.

Filming was directed by Yael Staav at Reginald Pike with producer Jennifer Walker. Piper and Staav worked with editor Alison Gordon at Relish, Toronto.

Music for Dove Daughters is “Nothing At All”, sung by Lindi Ortega on her 2002 album, “The Taste of Forbidden Fruit”. Lindi Ortega MySpace site

At the request of the advertising agency I have removed images from the campaign.