NOAH Dictators Wearing Fur

NOAH: Humans for Animals, an organisation based in Germany, presents four posters featuring dictators Adolf Hitler, Nicolae Ceaucescu, Sadam Hussein and Josef Stalin wearing fur. The phrase in German, “Wer Pelz trägt, hat keinen Respekt vor dem Leben”, is translated in English as “Those who wear fur have no respect for life.”

Hitler wearing fur

See the Hitler fur ad in English in higher resolution

Stalin wearing fur
Hussein wearing fur
Ceaucescu wearing fur

Some commenters take issue with the connection between hunting and wearing fur and the disregard of human life shown by human dictators. After all, not all people living in cold environments, where fur has been a normal part of life for thousands of years, can be said to be brutal towards humans. True. However the use of provocative imagery by animal rights groups is to make people think again about, using new metaphors and paradigms.

What do you think? Over done or well done?


The Dictator campaign was developed at Jung von Matt, Hamburg by creative directors Goetz Ulmer and Oliver Voss with creative Christian Fritsche and photographer Hans Weishäupl.