Dewa 19 Laskar Cinta for Warriors of Love

Ahmad Dhani and his band Dewa 19 produced the most popular music video on MTV Indonesia in 2006 – “Laskar Cinta”, or “Warriors of Love”. The track provides an alternative to the extremist interpretations of Islam that motivated the Laskar Jihad to attack and slaughter thousands of Christians in the Indonesian provinces of Maluku and Sulawesi.
Dhani designed “Laskar Cinta” as a musical fatwa against extremism, an expression of his Sufi faith. The lyrics are inspired by the Qur’an and ahadith (sayings attributed to Muhammad). The music video for Laskar Cinta features Dewa 19 performing in a disused quarry, accompanied by whirling dervishes.

Dewa 19

See Libforall’s site for the lyrics in Indonesian, with footnotes to Qur’an and Ahadith.


Hey there, all you lovers of peace
Watch out, watch out and be on guard

For lost souls, anger twisting their hearts
For lost souls, poisoned by ignorance and hate
There’s no doubt, evil dwells in the hearts
Of all those, of all those who are full of hate
There’s no doubt, evil dwells in the souls
Of all those, of all those full of prejudice

Warriors of love
Spread the seeds of love throughout the earth
Go and destroy the virus of hatred
That makes people’s hearts sick and depraved
By corrupting their souls

Warriors of Love
Teach the mystical science of love
For only love is the eternal Truth
And the shining path for all God’s children everywhere in the world

If hatred has already poisoned you
Against those … who worship differently
Then evil has already gripped your soul
Then evil’s got you in its damning embrace

If so, don’t bother to hope or dream
that I…that I’ll ever love or embrace
People full of hate and anger like you
People… who’re always full of lust… for others’ blood

Hey there, all you lovers of peace,
don’t ever don’t ever don’t ever don’t try to play God,
by judging and condemning anyone different from you
For God has not given you the right to be mankind’s judge and jury
Nor the power to know the ultimate Truth,
or to tell others what they must do

Weren’t all of us created as either men or women,
on this earthly plane
Destined to become many tribes and lands,
no two of them exactly the same?
Why don’t we understand and respect
all of our brothers’ and sisters’ pain,
Rather than turn into murderous demons,
with our bloody arms raised to the sky?

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