Dekko Furniture tells A Tale For Christmas

Dekko, a contemporary furniture company based in Belfast, has launched a television advertisement, “A Tale for Christmas”, encouraging viewers to make Dekko their home base for Christmas shopping.

Girl finds a Christmas bauble in Dekko Christmas Tale TV advert

The animated 20 second TV advert begins with snow falling in a forest at night, creating the feel of an old European animation. A young blonde girl walks through the trees, basket in hand. Black wolves wait in the shadows. The girl stops to pick up a sparkling red Christmas tree decoration, holding it up to get a sense of direction. Finally she reaches the safety of Dekko, her home.

The voiceover: “Beware of the forest, little one, for darkness makes a home for monsters of the night. A trail of jewels will be the shining path of light that takes you home. Find your home at Dekko this Christmas!”

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The “Tale For Christmas” campaign was designed by Gareth Oakes, advertising manager for Dekko.

Production, animation, editing, post production, and sound design were all done at Streetmonkey, Belfast, whose team included producer Mark Mearns, graphic designer Ian Patton and sound designer Dermot Faloon.

Find Your Home at Dekko This Christmas

Dekko A Tale For Christmas at YouTube

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