Connex TXT Whatever The Delay

Connex Melbourne, part of the international transport conglomerate, Veolia Environnement, promoted an SMS service with a series of amusing scenarios featuring bizarre disruptions of rail transport. “Whatever the delay, we’ll txt you straight away. The scenarios included a beaver, hamster, Venus Fly Traps, space ships, and the legs of a monster chicken.

Giant Venus Flytraps in Connex Poster

From the Connex SMS Updates Site:

Connex is the first public transport company in Australia to introduce SMS Updates. From Monday to Friday, 6am to 8pm SMS Updates is a service that lets you know when metropolitan train services have been disrupted, cancelled or delayed by more than fifteen minutes, all via text message to your mobile phone. That way you’ll have up-to-the-minute information on your train service. Instead of waiting around a train platform, spend those extra minutes in bed, on your couch or at your desk.

Giant chickens threaten Connex Trains

Giant hamster in Connex poster

Giant Beaver in Connex Poster

Spaceships in Connex Poster


The print, poster, outdoor, online and free postcard campaigns were developed at Leo Burnett-australia, Melbourne, by creative director Jason Williams, art director Richard Walker, copywriter Andrew Woodhead.

Photographer Andreas Smetana, Sydney, spent over three days with a miniature train set and specially moulded miniature models in a Melbourne studio.

See Heather Jacob’s article, “Off The Rails”, at Photoserve.

  • Jane Fitzpatrick

    Do you know if there are any Connex posters or postcards still available?

  • richard walker

    I response to Jane Fitzpatrick’s comment, Yes, there are posters of the entire series available for sale. Check eBay during the next couple of weeks. Thanks.

  • Ankhorite

    That’s not a hamster. That is a guinea pig. If you make a correction in the text, and in the name of the jpg, you may be able to attract more guinea pig fanciers as buyers for the posters. 🙂

  • Tails “Miles” Prowler

    Those posters are awesome!! But i dont like the “what ever the delay we’ll txt you right away” But my favorite is the venus fly trap one……did u know i have three?….and the guniea pig/ hamster you need to change it to the guniea cuz i no a girl that is ubsested with them!! Thx!

  • Tails “Miles” Prowler

    Oh im sooooooo sorry NOW i know y the txt thing! sorry i am a retard! right Pie is good?

  • Tails “Miles” Prowler

    Sorry about the pie is good!