Coke comes from Happiness Factory

Coca Cola has launched an animated television commercial demonstrating the joys of life behind the scenes in a Coke vending machine. A bearded man pushes a Euro into a coke vending machine. On the inside, the coin rolls down a chute and onto the steep side of a hill. In a scene reminiscent of Robots, the coin is plunged into a waterfall while an empty bottle is carried by flying creatures with rotating blades. The bottle is filled by a tube suspended from a hole in the sky. Fluffy creatures bounce to the filled bottle and kiss it with affection. A lid is catapulted onto the bottle. Next scene is a wintry landscape, complete with snowmen and icicles. The bottle is cooled rapidly and dropped through a hole in the ice. Finally the bottle makes its way through a hero’s parade and rolled out into the vending machine chute. The young man removes the bottle, takes a swig, looks back in wonder before walking off into the traffic. The super: “The Coke side of life”.

Coca Cola Happiness Factory

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Coke Happiness Factory was developed at advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam by executive creative directors John Norman and Al Moseley, creative directors Rick Condos and Hunter Hindman, agency executive producer Tom Dunlap, and agency producer Darryl Hagans.

Animation for Coke Happiness Factory was developed at Psyop, New York, by creative directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick, with executive producer Justin Booth Clibborn, producer Boo Wong, assisted by Kate Phillips and Viet Luu. Other Psyop artists working on Happiness Factory were Flame artist Eben Mears, lead 3-D Artist Joe Burrascano, 3D Artists/Animators Kevin Estey, Josh Harvey, David Chontos, Jonathan Garin, David Lobser, Naomi Nishimura, Ylli Orana, Clay Budin, Chris Bach, Dylan Maxwell, Kyle Mohr, Miles Southan, Boris Ustaev, Dan Vislocky, modelers Jaye Kim, Joon Lee, storyboard artist Ben Chan, matte painter Dylan Cole and editor Cass Vinini.

Live Action was directed by Peter Lydon, via Hungry Man, London, with executive producers Matt Buels and Tim Nunn, producer Debbie Ninnis, and director of photography Ray Coates.

Music was produced by Mark Altshuler at Human Worldwide.

Sound was designed by Bill Chesley at Amber Music & Sound Design, with executive producer Michelle Curran and producer Kate Gibson. Audio post-production was done at AudioEngine, New York.

Behind the Scenes Documentary

See the behind-the-scenes documentary on the Coke Happiness Factory. Click on the image below to play the behind-the-scenes video.