Coca Cola Christmas Truck Campaign

Melanie Thornton recorded “Wonderful Dream/Holidays Are Coming” for Coca Cola’s Christmas Truck television campaign, only months before her untimely death in a plane crash. Thornton had earlier had a string of hits with Eurodance group La Bouche. Based in Germany she was the voice behind the German Coca Cola Christmas Truck campaign of 2001. Thornton died on November 24, flying from Berlin to Zurich to promote the single “Wonderful Dream” and the new album, “Ready to Fly (New Edition)”.

Coca Cola Christmas Truck

Coca Cola was in a difficult situation. The television spot was due to break on December 1, only a week after Thornton’s death. In the end it was decided to run with the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ campaign in Germany. The campaign was later used elsewhere but is no longer seen on television screens.

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Melanie Thornton - Memories - Her Most Beautiful Ballads - Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming)

Melanie Thornton – Wonderful Dream – at

Lyrics for Wonderful Dream (Holidays are Coming)

When the world is ever changing
Light a candle in the dark
There’s a source of inspiration in the air
Let the magic dry your tears and heal your heart

A wonderful dream of love and peace for everyone
Of living our lives in perfect harmony
A wonderful dream of joy and fun for everyone
To celebrate a life where all are free

Wonderful Dream CD at Dream CD at

Verse 2:
Now the children’s eyes are shining
Like they never shone before
Let their dreams and aspirations light our way
Living life in harmony forever more

Holidays are coming
Holidays are coming….
Celebrate a life where dreams come true
Love is the reason it’s always the real thing
Watch out – look around

Celebrate a life where dreams come true
Love’s the reason it’s always the real thing

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