Topless Models In China Say Clever Women Love Themselves

Changsha Changmei Hospital, in Hunan, China, paid for posters on bus stops earlier this year encouraging women to look after their breasts. The campaign, developed by a Ya Ya, a 23 year old Changsha feminist activist, was designed to promote awareness of health, self-esteem and inner beauty among college students and office women.

Clever Girls Love Themselves More

Local reactions, however, were not all positive. Print editorial and online discussion across China criticised the campaign for its portrayal of three topless women. Chen Dan, the model in the middle, was suspended from her post as presenter for Changsha TV’s Women’s Channel. She was reinstated after she issued an apology.

The Beijing News quoted Chen Dan as saying, “My intentions were good. I hoped to draw people’s attention to women’s health, but because the format was inappropriate it caused a huge backlash. In future I will choose more suitable ways of publicising women’s health.” EastSouthWestNorth hosts Chen Dan’s full explanation, giving the background to her involvement in the campaign.

The other two models were Xin Jing, a presenter for Hunan TV, and Lisa, a student from the Philippines studying at Hunan College of International Economics.

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