Charmin Euphemisms A Little Bit Rude

Charmin, the toilet paper company, launched a TV advert missile on July 26, with a series of euphemisms for visiting the ‘bathroom’. Aimed at the European market, the campaign includes a website,, an online video and a blog. Visitors to the site are invited to submit their own ‘poo-hemisms’ and vote on their favourites. The 60 second video has been released into the viral market and could make its way to your email inbox soon.

Mother and daughter Shake the Lettuce

The provocative ad begins with a mother and daughter shaking the lettuce in the kitchen. “You give it a good shake, darling, just like Mummy”. A man responds to the phone, yelling, “For God’s sake, I’m laying cable”. An older woman playing snooker says, “I need to sink this brown”, as she hits the yellow ball. A man with red bags over his back calls out, “Just dropping the kids off at the pool”. A woman carrying firewood drops her load. An airport queue light flashes up, “Number 2”. Someone spends a penny. Another passes a stool. The older woman sinks the cue ball. A woman waters the roses. Another takes a leek from between the parsley and carrots. A woman’s hand touches cloth. Someone takes a number one. A bird gives us the call of nature as the camera focuses on the score of Beethoven’s third movement from the Pastoral Symphony. We get a look at a turtle’s head. A woman knits with brown wool and a man makes a date to see a man about a dog. A woman pinches a loaf. A brown trout (on a magazine) moves across the screen. The woman finally sinks the brown. Finally the super: “Whatever you call it”. The “occupied” sign turns round in the toilet door to show “Charmin”. The snooker player’s opponent comes out the door, leaving a smell strong enough to put her off entering. Click on the image below to play the video.


The Charmin A Little Bit Rude campaign was developed at Publicis London by creative director Nik Studzinski, art director Adam Thompson, copywriter Dan Glover-James, planner Raquel Chicourel, and producer Claire Young.

Filming was directed by Stephen Pope and produced by Sue Caldwell at Another Film Company, London, with director of photography Federico Alfonzo.

Editing was done by Rachel Spann at The Quarry, London. Post production was done at The Rushes, London.

Woman sinks the brown ball

Charmin Occupied sign

Earlier television advertisements, aimed at the North American market, feature animated bears dancing as they prepare to use Charmin Ultra in the woods.