Carlton Mid Bloke Bots In Intelligent Scam

A man taking his rubbish out knocks his head on the garage door, again and again. Another man sitting at the bus stop starts to flail his brief case around with involuntary movements. In an office a clerk whizzes through his paperwork. In the suburbs a man is on a ride-on lawn mower, out of control. In a staff room a man pours coffee over his front as he reads a journal. A man washes a car without reference to the passenger’s window being down. At a press conference the interviewee collapses. Another man droops as he sit on the toilet. What’s going on? They’re bloke bots, a recently invented feature designed to free up men to drink Carlton Mid beer in Australia. While their stand-in robots stand in for them, the ‘real men’ are down at the Elvecland Yacht Club enjoying a game of pool and a cold drink, drunk responsibly of course. With remote controls they can provide the actions and voice for their doubles. It’s the Male Intelligence Division. But the Male Intelligence Division is still learning how to control the ‘beta’ products.

Carlton MID Blokebot controller

The television ad’s text has the fictional quote, “When Man creates the robot he will know true happiness.” by HL Roberts, 1907.

This 60 second ad, the 30 second version, and the bus version, can be seen in Vividas format at the Male Intelligence Division micro site, Also featured in Vividas is a mocumentary on sports stars featured in the advertisements: Matty Johns, Matthew Hayden, Trevor Gillmeister, Michael Voss, Wally Lewis and Gordon Tallis.


The campaign was created by advertising agency George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne by Ben Coulson, art director, and Josh Stephens, copywriter.

The spot was filmed by in Queensland and Sydney in October 2005 by director Steve Rogers via Revolver Film, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, line producer Georgina Wilson, director of photography Nigel Bluck.

Post production editing was done by Stuart Reeves at Guillotine. Effects were finished at Animal Logic.

About Carlton Mid

Carlton Mid (Mid Strength) is a member of the Fosters family and is brewed in Yatala, between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and was introduced to the Australian market in 1997. Parts of the Bloke Bot ads were filmed at Cleveland Yacht Club, a real club on the coast not far from Yatala.

Carlton MID Male Intelligence Division