Carlton Draught Billboards Worth It

Carlton Draught launched a cheeky campaign earlier this year providing a spoof on beauty production advertising. Many of the billboards for the Carlton Draught beauty products campaign are down now, but the memory lingers… The spoof on the L’Oreal perfume tag line, “Because I’m Worth It” fits neatly with the tongue-in-cheek flavour of Carlton’s advertising campaigns. The ‘Deep Cleansing Formula’ is used in advertising for many facial beauty products. And the sumptuous model with spilt beer – what a send-up of sex appeal!

Carlton Draught Because I'm Worth It

Deep Cleansing Carlton Draught made from beer

Model Wears Carlton Draught

Carlton Draught Because I'm Worth It


The Carlton Draught outside campaign was developed at George Patterson Y&R by creative director James McGrath, art director Grant Rutherford and copywriter Ant Keogh, with photographer Chris Budgeon.