Canon Pixma Turn of the Screw

It’s Fathers’ Day in Australia today. In honour of the day here’s “Turn of the Screw”, a clip from April 2005 promoting Canon‘s Pixma printers in Australia. A man attempts to go about his everyday business but finds his body is at the mercy of his daughter. His wife and daughter are at home printing off photographs for the family album. As the daughter pins her dad’s photo to the clipboard he holds his head in pain. As his wife arranges his photo in a frame, a dog rushes past, knocking the father off balance. The daughter prints a photo directly from the camera, knocking her dad off his feet.

Canon Pixma Turn of the Screw commercial

The ultimate test comes as the Dad’s image is printed onto a computer disk and revolves inside a computer. The super: “Home photos have never been this real. Canon PIXMA printers.” Click on the image below to play the video.


The campaign was developed by Leo Burnett Australia, Sydney, by creative director Glen Ryan, with John Kane, Derek Green, Matt Smith, copywriter Luke Crethar, art director Matt Devine, and producer Brenden Johnson, account supervisor Anita Zanesco, Canon marketing team Stuart Poignand and Louise Banks.

Filming was shot by The Glue Society directors Gary Freedman and Jonathon Kneebone, via Radical Media with producer Peter Kearney and director of photography Keith Wagstaff. Editor was Jack Hutchings.

Music for the Canon Pixma spot is a waltz for piano. Anyone recognise the piece?