No Fun Being Dead in Canada

It’s no fun being dead. That’s the message being given to TV viewers by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. The campaign, aimed at youth aged 18 t0 21, is centred around an interactive website,, and has four TV spots feature four games in which a dead partner is no use: tennis, frisbee, video games and chess.

No Fun Being Dead Web Site Image

The ICBC press release says that in 2004, car crashes in British Columbia killed 44 youth aged 18 to 21 and injured more than 7,500. Car crashes remain the number one killer of youth, and a leading cause of accidental death for all age groups. ICBC is committed to countering this trend.

“Youth are bombarded with messages from all fronts. To cut through the clutter, ICBC wanted a message that was edgy and attention-grabbing,” said Laurie Baker, manager of provincial loss prevention. “It’s no fun if you’re dead is straight to the point. The bad choices you make behind the wheel can kill you and cause you to miss out on all the fun things in life that are important now.”

From March to May, ads will air on television stations, in movie theatres and be posted in clubs, bars and restaurants. To coincide with ‘It’s no fun if you’re dead’, RoadSense speakers, sponsored in most areas by the ICBC Autoplan Brokers, will be traveling around the province to share their stories with youth of how a crash has dramatically changed their lives.

No Fun Being Dead video

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No Fun Being Dead Camping Poster

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The campaign was created by Wasserman and Partners, Vancouver, by creative director Darren Warner, art director/designer Lisa Lebedovich, copywriter Steve Zaozirny, account supervisor Sean Weller, agency producer Shelley Stevens.

Flash development was done at Evolving Digital.

Filming was shot by director Aleysa Young at Untitled Films, Toronto. Editing was done at JMB Post by Don Macdonell. Photography was by Anthony Redpath at Redpath Studios. Sound was produced at Wave Productions.

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  • My son died in a car accident this January. He was 18 years old. I read about the No Fun Being Dead Website of the Alberta Government in our local paper and looked it up to see if it might provide good advocacy work for safer driving, but I did not find these clips interesting or enjoyable. I am starting to agree with the Gigababy (Education for the Driving (M)asses) website that demands for more driver training is the way to go.