Burger King Kiwis Love Eggs

Burger King in New Zealand promotes the Classic Kiwi Burger with ‘Tribute to the Egg’, an animated TV advertisement.

Burger King Classic Egg Burger

“Kiwis love eggs. Where do kiwis come from? Eggs!” A kiwi breaks out of an egg in an egg cup.
“Our national game is grown men throwing round, that’s right, an egg!” Scenes of All Blacks in black playing rugby union against the UK team, the Lions, in red.
“Pav – the whites of an egg.” New Zealand’s national dessert – a large meringue with whipped cream and kiwifruit sliced on top.
“And you can be an egg.” “Oh shut up egg!”, says a boy on the playground. “Oh sorry bro!”, says the voiceover.
“Crikey dick there’s even a town that smells like them!” Roto-Vegas – a reference to the sulphur smell in geothermal tourist city, Rotorua.
“So Burger King’s taken our beloved egg to create the classic Kiwi EggBurger.” A New Zealand coat of arms features NZ flags, a rugby ball, a kiwi, and an egg wearing a Burger King crown, with the words “IN OVO SPERAMUS” – Latin for “In Egg We Trust”.
“And why? ‘Cause it’s what we’re about. New Zealand – we’ve cooked you all some eggs. Burger King – it just tastes better.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


Tribute to the Egg was created at Y&R New Zealand by creative director Jeneal Rohrback, creatives Will Farmer and Henry Kember, agency producer Zoe Yendell, account managers Tim Dixon and Mark Kelly.

Production for the Burger King Tribute to the Egg was done at Flying Start by animator Paul Scott-James and producer Amanda.

Voiceover was done by David Weatherly, known in New Zealand for his Cookie Bear voice and role as Barliman Butterbur in Lord of the Rings.