Budweiser Clydesdale American Dream experience

Budweiser’s 2006 Super Bowl TV ad, “Clydesdale American Dream”, has been nominated for Most Outstanding Commercial in the 2006 Emmy Awards. The beer, touted by Anheuser-Busch as part of the American dream, was also the official beer of the FIFA World Cup. I’d be curious to hear how American viewers perceive the Clydesdale story representing the American Dream. A clydesdale foal runs into the barn and places its neck into the yoke, ready to pull the wagon. A dalmatian dog takes a look as the foal stamps its foot, struggling to rock the wagon forward. At the other entrance to the shed two adult clydesdales watch with interest. The music swells as the foal tows the wagon out of the shed into the open. We see the two adults pushing the cart with their heads. A man sits with the dalmatian and says, “I won’t tell if you won’t”.

Budweiser American Dream

Budweiser American Dream

Budweiser American Dream


The Budweiser Clydesdale American Dream TV campaign was developed at advertising agency DDB Chicago by creative director John Hayes, creative director and art director Steve Bougdanos, creative director and copywriter Patrick Knoll, with agency producer Kate Hildebrant. Other DDB credits include chief creative officer Bob Scarpelli and group creative director Barry Burdiak.

Joe Pytka, director and director of photography, worked Venice-based Pytka Productions team executive producer Tara Fitzpatrick and producer Linda Masse. The Clydesdale spot shows the mastery of Joe Pytka, particularly in the use of dark and light. Note the light shining down through the roof as the horses pull the wagon out the door.

Animation and visual effects were develped at Digital Domain, by senior VP of production/executive producer Ed Ulbrich, visual effects supervisor Jonny Hicks, VFX producer Mike Hanley, VFX Coordinator Shelby Wong, Flame artists Marguerite Cargill, David Crawford and Ali Laventhol.

Editing was done by Matthew Wood, Grant Gustafson and Jacob Kuehl with producer Joni Wright at Whitehouse Post.

Music and sound design were done at Elias Arts. Audio was mixed at Lime Studios.