Brisbane Bullets Put on Basketball Airshow

Carlton MID is sponsoring the Breakfree Brisbane Bullets, Brisbane’s basketball team. That’s the message I finally got from a billboard on the motorway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. But it took me a long time to work it out. What caught my eye was the image of a basketball player flying through the air, with the words, “The Only Airshow That’s Indoors”. However the rest of the billboard is unreadable to passing traffic. What it actually says is, “Now Playing. Brisbane Convention Centre.“.

Bullets Airshow Board

Bullets Airshow Board

The concept is great. The copy is fine. The actual typesetting must be disappointing for Depasquale Advertising and photographer Erik Williamson.

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    I agree, they are quite unreadable, even the ones that you posted here are quite unreadable. However, I really like the whole concept of the ad. Quite catchy. Anyway, Thanks for this post. Enjoyed the read.