She wants a Brandt

Brandt whiteware was promoted on the European market in four award-winning TV commercials in September 2000. The ads were prepared in France for TV viewers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK. Each ad finishes with the tagline, “He/She wants a Brandt”, or, in French, “Il veut un Brandt”.

Want a Brandt commercials

Brandt Fridge – Le Frigidaire

A man walks into a kitchen, opens the fridge to get a bottle of water. Suddenly he kicks the door off its hinges. Food flies everywhere. A woman rushes into the room, calling, “What’s going on?” “I just… I don’t know. Well – I was going to ask you the same thing.” As he takes a swig of water, he says “What?” The super: “He wants a Brandt. Brandt.”

Brandt Oven

A woman is catering for a party at home. She’s asked if she’s OK as she walks into the kitchen. She’s fine, she says. Until she opens the door of the oven to take out the roast. All of a sudden she jumps on the oven door, knocking it to the floor and smashing the glass. “That’s it! I can’t take it anymore. I can’t take it! I’ve had enough.” She stamps out past three men as the super comes up: “She wants a Brandt. Brandt.”

Brandt Washing Machine – Skateboard

A woman working in her home laundry takes a skateboard and smashes it through the window of the front loading washing machine. Water gushes to the floor as she quickly grabs the skateboard and poses on the floor on her back. Her husband and son rush into the room. The son gets a scolding from the dad. “Look what you’ve done! You could have killed your mother! Now go to your room! Now!” As he comforts his wife the super comes up: “She wants a Brandt.”

Brandt Dishwasher

In the kitchen a couple are sharing the preparation of their meal. The woman is using a fork to puncture the sausages before placing them in the frying pan. When her husband turns his back she reaches over behind the dishwasher, pulls out a hose and proceeds to puncture it with her fork. Water goes everywhere. The man quickly reaches over, opens the door and turns the water off at the wall. “Honey!”, he says. She grunts and pulls away. The super: “she wants a Brandt – Brandt.

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The Brandt campaign was developed at advertising agency CLM BBDO, Bolougne Billancourt, by Fred & Farid working as creative director, copywriters and art directors working with agency producers Pierre Marcus and TV producer France Monnet Grasseau.

Filming was shot by director Remy Belvaux via Quad Productions, Paris, with director of photography Patrick Duroux and producer Giles Viard.

Music was recorded at Barrera Productions, Paris.

The Brandt campaign won awards at CLIO 2001, New York Festivals of Advertising 2000, and Cannes Lions 2001.