BNZ Piggy Banks on the Run

Bank of New Zealand launched into a new market segment last month with Pig Tales, a wide ranging campaign featuring pink piggy banks. BNZ worked with Y&R New Zealand to create a campaign that would be engaging and entertaining while communicating that the bank could look after investments. Pig Tales began with a teaser campaign on TV, bus shelters and in newspapers, developing a scenario in which piggy banks have gone missing across the country. New Zealanders had to wait to find out what it was all about. ANZ promptly developed a guerrilla newspaper advertisement to cash in on the confusion.

Pigs tape up in preparation for swim

Finally the news came out in a 90 second TV advertisement, broadcast on the main free-to-air channels of New Zealand. The spot begins with a piggy bank waiting for the lights to go off. It ducks out the window and slides down the drainpipe, joining hundreds of piggy banks running through the night. Piggy banks take lifts and buses, making their way to a moonlit lake. Money slots are taped up in preparation for the great swim. Finally, in the new dawn, the pigs make landfall and trot towards a resort somewhere near Queenstown. The lucky piggy banks are waited upon and massaged by BNZ staff. The pigs take Tai Chi classes, tennis coaching and do a bit of water skiing. In the evening they dine in front of the log fire in the resort lounge. One pig uses its mobile phone to send a photo of itself back to its owners who dining out back at home.
The voiceover: “At Bank of New Zealand, we’re taking banking to a whole new place. We’re treating your money like it’s never been treated before so you and your money will both be better off. Bank Smarter. Bank Bank of New Zealand.”


The Pig Tales campaign was developed at Y&R Zealand, by creative director Jeneal Rohrback, creatives Vaughn Davis and Duncan Munro, with agency producer Zoe Yendell.

Pig Tales was directed by Josh Frizzell at Curious Film with producer Matt Noonan and director of photography Garry Wapshott.

Post production was done at Animal Logic by VFX producer Nerissa Kavanagh, VFX shoot supervisor and 3D Lead Scott Hunter and lead compositor Leoni Willis.

Sound and music was designed and arranged by Liquid Studios. Music for BNZ Piggy Banks is a re-recording of Wilbert Harrison’s track “Let’s Stick Together”, popularised by Roxy Music.

  • Personally it sends me all the wrong messages and I can’t stand it. Illogically it makes me think of bank charges & fees supporting the piggies in their luxury. Which makes me think of bank fees, which is a big turn off.

    Still it might be better than a recent campaign with used The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” as the background music. I kept thinking of the opening lyrics:

    “‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life
    Trying to make ends meet
    You’re a slave to money then you die”

    Laughed every time the ad came on. Not sure that was their intent though.

  • Simon

    Was kinda bad timing for the BNZ as it co-incided with their machines being skimmed which was all over the news. In fact, the ad would often play during the news just after the skimming had been reported. Any publicity is good I guess….

  • Amy

    i LOVE piggies!

  • Jeff

    Check how the “piggy” bank ad has been turned against the bank here!

  • Hamish Blake

    My grandaughter just loves this piggy add,
    whenever she hears it she comes running.
    Now its saved on our computer,so she can hear it whenever she likes.
    At 2 yrs old it puts a smile on her face every time & if shes smiling,so are we.
    Thanks for doing a brilliant add.
    Kind Regards
    Our grandaughter,Sophie
    & Hamish Blake

  • cindy

    my son 18months loves it he also comes running as soon as he hears it. although he was a bit disappointed that theres no more baa ba like in the previous ad. does anyone know what the last song was in the previous ad?