Berlitz Coastguard responds to MayDay

Berlitz Language School has blitzed the internet in the past month with a viral video campaign featuring a language difficulty in a European coastguard station. The answer given by the young coastguard proves the need for Berlitz’s language training. A young recruit is introduced to the controls of a Coastguard station by his older colleague. Once he’s on his own he discovers the subtleties of communicating with the English speaking communications officer. “Mayday Mayday we are sinking!”

Berlitz Coastguard


The ad was developed by BTS United Oslo, by copywriter Pål Sparre-Enger and art director Thorbjørn Naug.

Filming was shot by director Nic Osborne and Sune Maroni (Nic & Sune) from Motion Blur, with producer Espen Horn.

Post production was done at The Chimney Pot.

The ad originally pointed to a web site where people could download it and send it to their friends, as well as navigating through to Berlitz Norway. The response was so large that Berlitz was forced to shut down the site.

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    This advert can be downloaded from as a zip file for wmp.

    Personally, I much prefer to have the option to download than to just watch.


  • Pecisci

    That interesting MVS. I may just download it. Noooooot!!!

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    I LOVE THAT SPOT!OMG…especially cauz I am german!

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    Recently I saw that video available to download at