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Beck’s album, “The Information” was released on Tuesday October 3. The album’s fifteen songs each have an associated music video, released on a DVD with the album. The videos which were uploaded to YouTube were deleted. However, it is possible to stream some of the videos from Beck’s Myspace or from his official site. Most of the intermittently available videos appear to be lo-fi efforts, although ‘Cell Phone’s Dead’ is directed by Michel Gondry.

Beck Information Album music videos

The music video for 1000 BPM starts with JMJ, Beck’s bassist, wearing leather and sunglasses looking cool against a slide of the sky. A man in a ferocious-looking bear costume enters and starts rapping. They dance separately. Another, friendlier-looking bear enters and tries to take the microphone from the other bear. This continues, apparently plotless, with occasional appearances of a dancing girl.

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Elevator Music begins with a man standing still in a space suit, his hand up. A tennis player drinks from a straw. Beck’s rapping while holding a rifle, magazine strap over his shoulder. Behind him a man in white practices martial arts. The clip switches between the tennis player, spaceman, Beck, bassist, and martial artist. Click on the image below to play the video.

In No Complaints Beck sings and plays guitar. A sticker on it says “I love motorcycles”. Back travels between a band with bass, drums and synthesizer, a bear in a poncho playing with a small child (Beck’s son?), and a blonde girl seen through a tambourine.

In “Think I’m In Love” Beck sings with a sombre-looking man behind him. Men in dresses play with a giant ball. More men in dresses sit around and chat.

The Information Tracks

  1. Purchase Beck's The Information at Amazon.comElevator Music
  2. Think I’m In Love
  3. Cell Phone’s Dead
  4. Nausea
  5. Soldier Jane
  6. Strange Apparition
  7. Dark Star
  8. Movie Theme
  9. We Dance Alone
  10. No Complaints
  11. 1000 BPM
  12. Motorcade
  13. The Information
  14. New Round
  15. Horrible Fanfare / Landslide / Exoskeleton

Download the music and videos for The Information from iTunes:

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