BBC FIFA World Cup Coverage Stirs Imagination

BBC is promoting its FIFA World Cup football coverage with a playful television advertisement in which viewers and listeners imaginations create new realities with the words of BBC commentators. The camera zooms over a mist filled valley. In an African village people sit in front of a TV listening to a BBC broadcast of the game. “That’s diabolical defending. They’ll have to put predator like that up front. An old man says, “They’ve got a real predator up front”. On the soccer field a tiger launches its way through the players, scoring a goal.

Thierry Henry with flames

In Japan a commentator says “Henry has set this tournament alight”. A viewer says, “Henry… he’s on fire”. On the field, Thierry Henry dribbles the ball with flames flowing from his back. Out in orbit a team of cosmonauts hears the commentator say, “The stadium’s really come alive now.” A viewer turns and tells his colleagues, “The stadium has come to life”. The stadium launches out of the ground and kicks a vehicle around. On the beach in Rhodes, Greece, young people hear a commentator say “He’s a colossus”. A young boy imagines Ronaldinho standing on the rock.

In a Manchester pub (Peveril of the Peak) two old codgers watch the pub TV. The commentator says, “He nearly broke the crossbar with that one.” “What did he say?”, asks one. The other says, “He said he couldn’t have hit a cow’s backside with a banjo!”. In Berlin viewers watch the football through a shop window. “The eyes of the world are on this incredible player”, referring to Frank Lampard, Chelsea and England player. “The whole world is watching him”.

The tagline: “The World Cup. Great stories begin on the BBC.”

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A final blast from a commentator leaves the viewer of the advert to use their imagination… “Woah ho! That tackle left him totally exposed!”


The BBC World Cup advertising campaign was created at DFGW London by art director Dave Waters, copywriter Simon Riley and producer Louise Jones.

Filming was shot by director/photographer Albert Kodagolian via Joy/RSA.

Editor was Jono Griffith via Final Cut. Sound was mixed by Parv Thind at Wave Studios.

Post production was done at The Mill, London.

Music by The Who

Music used throughout the BBC World Cup advert is “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, by The Who.

Won’t Get Fooled Again – Who’s Next (Remastered) on iTunes