Bangkok Insurance work with Probability

Bangkok Insurance ran an award-winning campaign around probabilities for Thai television screens, with Twister, Tire and Robbery. Knowing that the likelihood of accidents undoing themselves is one in a million should motivate Thai viewers to write down the name of the company featured at the end of the thirty second ads.

Bangkok Insurance television commercial - Three housemates witness the destruction of their house


A handheld video camera catches the action in black and white as three men flee for their lives. They watch in horror as a tornado rips their house apart. Round and round the house goes, until all of a sudden everything is returned to its original state. Behind the fence the house mates stare, mouths agape, as the final tile falls from the sky and pops back into place. Probability = 0.00000001%


On May 28, 2004, at 13:46 pm, a car travelling on a Thai motorway loses its front right wheel. Somehow the car manages to keep going while the tire bounces off other cars on the motorway, back and forward over the median strip. Within seconds the wheel has bounced back onto the car, restoring equilibrium. Probability = 0.00000001%


At 14:38 security cameras catch on black and white film an armed robber holding up a a Bangkok corner shop. He waves his gun around, threatening the two shop attendants and the young female customers.

Bangkok Insurance television commercial - Robber produces handgun

He is so flustered that he fires the weapon, sending a bullet through a series of ricochets. Finally the bullet hits his foot, leading to his retreat through the door. Probability = 0.00000001%


The Bangkok Insurance Probability campaign was developed at Creative Juice\G1 (TBWA), Bangkok, by creative directors Thirasak Tanapatanakul and Prangthip Praditpong, art directors Thirasak Tanapatanakul, Jon Chalermwong and Kittitat Larppitakpong, copywriters Prangthip Praditpong and Nutchanun Chiaphanumas, agency producer Chuthrat Chingduang, and account supervisor Pongsuree Assanasen.

Filming was directed by Thanonchai Sornsriwichai and produced by Angsana Premprasert at Phenomena, Bangkok.

Editor was Manop Boonvipas. Music was by Jumpol Sepsawasdi.

Post production was done at Oriental Post, Bangkok.

Bangkok Insurance television commercial - Tyre bounces back onto car - highly improbable

The Bangkok Insurance Probability campaign has won a number of awards in the last year, including gold at Cannes Lions, gold at Clio Awards, gold at Asia Pacific Adfest, and silver at The One Show.