Avon Uses Armpit To Stop Breast Cancer

Another breast cancer awareness campaign, this time from Avon in Slovakia. A woman reclines with one arm raised, one hand covering the breast closest to the camera. The woman clearlhy has paid attention to her appearance. Her hair is bleached. Her eyebrows are shaped. But her hairy armpit is exposed. “Not everything that grows is visible. Regular self examining of your breasts can save your life.”

Woman with hairy armpit in Avon breast cancer awareness campaign

Avon poster for breast cancer awareness

Avon billboard for breast cancer awareness


The campaign was developed by Vaculik Advertising, Bratislava, by creative director Milan Hladky, art director Dejan Galovic and Adrian Lesko and copywriter Ondrej Korinek.

The campaign won a silver award at the Golden Hammer Baltic Advertising Festival, 2005.

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