Arthritis Australia Hands Grab Attention

Arthritis Awareness Week is being launched this week in Australia with a spooky television advertisement created and directed by Glue Society. A man sawing in his workshop is surprised by a hand reaching out of the bench and grabbing his arm. He looks at the camera through the workshop window. As he peels potatoes in the kitchen the hand reaches out from the sink and seizes his hand. He looks through the kitchen window. The same thing happens as he shaves in the bathroom. He looks at his reflection in the mirror. As he lies on his bed next to his wife the attack recurs, this time with his leg. The super: “Don’t let arthritis take hold. Call Arthritis Australia on 1800 678 988.”

Mark McCann's arm is grasped by arthritis in TV Ad

Click on the image below to play the video.

Arthritis Awareness Week, from Sunday April 10 until Saturday April 16 2005, is a time for the 3.4 million Australians who have arthritis to re-assess the way they are managing their disease, to get a proper diagnosis if they haven’t done so already, and to review the many treatment options available. During Arthritis Awareness Week – and for one day only – an innovative service is being provided through a joint initiative involving Arthritis Australia and the Australian Rheumatology Association.

Arthritis Australia Chief Executive Officer, Mark Franklin, said, “The toll free 1800 011 041 Arthritis Action Hotline will give people the opportunity of speaking with medical specialists and the Arthritis team to learn about new advancements and for getting quick answers to questions about the disease. “Many people do not take the symptoms of arthritis seriously and often dismiss early signs like pain, swelling and stiffness in joints, and fatigue. Some incorrectly believe they have no option other than to put up with pain and immobility,�? he added.

Throughout the year Arthritis Australia operates a regular telephone information service during business hours but this one-off Arthritis Awareness Week initiative gives all Australians access to medical specialist advice without having to travel, or wait for an appointment.

Dr Mona Marabani, a practising rheumatologist and Arthritis Australia’s Vice-President said, “Rheumatologists are supporting this service because it’s important that sufferers be encouraged to take action now. There is no reason for people to suffer from arthritis in silence when there are many resources available. Finding out what they are is only a phone call away. “Early diagnosis of this debilitating disease is important as it continues to affect Australians, particularly of working age. While the hotline will not provide a cure, it will allow us to guide people in the right direction for achieving long term benefits,” Dr Marabani said.


The Arthritis Australia campaign was developed by The Glue Society, Sydney, with director of photography Robert Humphreys, and producer Kim Kirby.

Special effects were developed by Matt Unwin at The Lab. Music and sound design were provided by Hylton Mowday.

Actors were Mark McCann (constable Ken Harper from Home & Away) and Tess Carrington Barclay. Voice Over was provided by Barry Otto