Apple Mighty Mouse Saves The Day

Apple this week launched its new product, the bluetooth wireless Mighty Mouse. At this point there is no video associated with Apple’s Mighty Mouse, but in my opinion Apple should come out with a campaign linked to the cartoon character, Mighty Mouse. (See Mighty Mouse at Wikipedia). The title of Apple’s pointer is licensed to Viacom, the owner of the mouse in the cartoons and animated television series and movies.

Mighty Mouse swings Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse was first featured as a parody of Superman in the early 1940s and became a staple of childrens television in the 1950s to the 1980s. Dressed in a yellow uniform with a red cape he flies to resolve crises, singing “Here I come to save the day”, doing battle with villainous cats.

Nickelodeon is poised to release a movie featuring Mighty Mouse, being directed by John Woo, Barry E. Jackson is providing conceptual art, with screenwriting by Maurice Chauvet and Christopher Vail. Nickoledeon will follow the movie up with a CGI TV series. What an opportunity for an Apple tie in!

So what would be a suitable drama in which Mighy Mouse could use Apple’s pointer? Would it involve cats or wolves? Would our hero ride on the cordless Apple Mighty Mouse, or swing the corded version to wipe out the villains? Would he use the Mighty Mouse to save the day through specially designed software?

Mighty Mouse the friend of sheep and menMighty Mouse videos posted on YouTube have been removed due to Viacom’s enforcement of copyright laws. To get a taste of Mighty Mouse in action see Mighty Mouse: Wolf Wolf! an early episode that presents the caped hero as the friend of sheep and men. When local wolves spot Bo Peep’s lost sheep, they hatch a cunning plan. One of their number dresses up as the shepherdess and attempts to lure a young lamb into the lair where a feast is being prepared. At the critical point Mighty Mouse launches into action, fighting off the wolves and rescuing the little lamb.

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