Apple Get A Mac Series Beginning

Apple’s latest advertising campaign is called “Get A Mac” and features two actors comparing and contrasting PC and Apple computers. The six ads are featured on Apple’s Get A Mac promotional site and are available in quicktime format in four different sizes: Small (320×256), Medium (480×376), Large (640×496) and HD (848×496). In this post I’ve included full scripts, production details and information on the two actors, John Hodgman and Justin Long.

PC John Hodgson and Mac Justin Long


Hello I’m a Mac.
And I’m a PC.
You know we use a lot of the same kinds of programs.
Yep like Microsoft Office.
But uh we retain a lot of what makes us us.
You should see what this guy can do with a spreadsheet. It’s insane.
Oh shucks!
Yeah and he knows that I’m better at life stuff like music, pictures, movies stuff like that.
Woah what exactly do you mean by better?
By better I mean making a web site photo book is easier for me and for you it’s not.
Oh! Oh that kind of better. I was thinking of the other kind.
What other kind?

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Hello, I’m a Mac.
And I’m a PC!
Oh hey iPod, nice.
Yeah, it’s just a little something to hold my slow jams. And it works so seamlessly with iTunes.
You should check out iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb because they all work like iTunes, you know. iLife. Comes on every Mac.
iLife. Well, I have some very cool apps that are bundled with me.
Oooh, like, Well, what have you got?
That’s cool, anything else?
Clock.. er, clock..
Sounds like hours of fun. Or at least minutes.

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Hello I’m a Mac.
And I’m a PC. We’ve got a little network going here and it was very easy to set up.
We speak each other’s language.
Networking with a Japanese Digital Camera We share an internet connection and all sorts of things we do together… Who now is this now? What’s ah?
Oh this is that new digital camera from Japan that just came out.
Hajimemashite (nice to meet you)
Hajimemashite (nice to meet you)
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (welcome)
Woah woah. You speak her language?
Oh yeah absolutely! Everything just kind of works with a Mac.
Arigatou (thank you)
Ne ne ne daren taku pokunai?
Bongiorno. (Hello!)

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PC crashing with a virus Hello I’m a Mac.
And I’m a PC.
Ah choo! Ah choo! Ah choo!
Gesundheit! Are you okay?
No I’m not OK. I have that virus that’s going around.
Oh yeah.
You better stay back. This one’s a doozy.
That’s okay I’ll be fine.
No no do not be a hero. Last year there were 114,000 known viruses for PCs.
PCs. Not Macs.
Hey I think I’m going to crash.
Hey if you feel…. that’ll help.

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PC frozen Hello, I’m a Mac.
Hello, I’m a PC.
We have a lot in common these days. We both run Microsoft Office,
we share files, it’s great. We just get alo–
PC? Hup! Okay.
Hi, I’m a PC.
We’re past that, we’ve moved beyond that.
Yeah, I know, I had to restart there, you know how it is.
Well, actually I don’t.
What, you mean Macs don’t have to–
Had him and lost him. I’m going to go get IT. Keep an eye on him.

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Wall Street Journal

Hello, I’m a Mac.
And I’m a PC. What are you reading?
Just the Wall Street Journal, it’s nothing. No – no- PC, you know what –
Oh, it’s a review of you!
Don’t read it-
PC reads Wall Street Journal review Oh, it’s from Walt Mossberg, one of the most respected technology experts on the planet. Apparently you’re the finest desktop PC on the market at any price. Very nice.
It’s just one man’s opinion.
I actually got a great review this morning too.
Ooh, congratulations.
And they said I was awesome.
Good for you. And where was that in?
The awesome.. awesome computer review.. weekly.. journal.

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Get A Mac Credits

The Apple Get A Mac campaign was developed at advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day, Los Angeles, with oversight by worldwide chief creative officer Lee Clow. The team included creative directors Duncan Milner and Eric Grunbaum, copywriter Barton Corley, senior art director Scott Trattner, senior copywriter Jason Sperling, agency executive producer Cheryl Childers, agency senior producer Mike Refuerzo, and agency assistant producer Hank Zakroff.

Director Phil Morrison at Epoch Films worked with executive producer Jerry Solomon and producer Anita Wetterstedt.

Editor Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post worked with executive producer Gary Ward, post producer Chris Noviello and assistant editors Victor Brown, Jim Rodney and Matt Dunlap.

The music soundtrack for each of the Get A Mac ads, “Having Trouble Sneezing”, was composed by Mark Mothersbaugh at Mutato Muzika with executive producer Robert Miltenberg.

Sound was designed by Paul Hurtubise at Stompbox Sound with executive producer Cindy Carey. Audio was mixed by Chris Hildrew at Play.

Colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld and online editor Brian Robinson are based at CO3.

Actors in Get A Mac Ads

The Areas of My Expertise at Amazon.comJohn Hodgman (the Bill Gates type) is known as the humorous curator and host of the Little Gray Book Lecture podcasts, his book on fake trivia, The Areas of My Expertise, and his columns in the New York Times Magazine.

Justin Long (the young Steve Jobs type) is known for his roles in movies ranging from Brandon Wheeger in Galaxy Quest (1999) to Lindsay Lohan’s boyfriend in Herbie Fully Loaded. He played Warren Cheswick in the TV series Ed. See Justin Long’s web site.