AOL Discuss Good and Bad Internet

AOL in the UK is keen to discuss the pros and cons of the internet. They’ve set up a public blog where people can engage in forums on the subject. To promote that site and get the conversation going two television commercials have been made, ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. The website features the two ads in streamed Flash form, along with their transcripts. The site has had over 1,000 postings and over 100,000 thousand hits in the first few weeks. AOL hopes to add articles, forums, books and documentaries on the use of the internet. The campaign is a recognition that companies should behave in an open and honest way, engaging in conversation with clients.

AOL Discuss Internet Screen Shot

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Some people think the internet is a good thing. The most powerful educational tool the world has ever known. It’s preserving our history, making sure that in the future we never forget the past. When disaster struck Asia, the volume of aid donated by ordinary people through websites outweighed that of their own governments. The internet is a place that is free of state regulation, censorship and control. The only place where freedom of speech truly exists. Orwell was wrong. It is not the state that holds all the power. It is us. Some people think the internet is a good thing. What do you think? Discuss

Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman - at Amazon.comSome people think the internet is a bad thing. Thanks to the internet, your identity can be stolen, your home invaded and your savings robbed without anyone setting foot inside your door. The internet is one of the most dangerous weapons every created. A way for the unhinged to spread evil, free of supervision or censorship. A place for mankind to exercise its darkest desires. An open market where you can purchase anything you want. Orwell was right. The internet has taken us to a place where everything we do is watched, monitored and processed without us ever realising. Some people think the internet is a bad thing. What do you think? Discuss. AOL.

Forum Questions So Far

  1. Does learning about different cultures make us more tolerant?
  2. Will Self on the pros and cons of the internet
  3. Is the internet making a difference to political debate?
  4. Can online communities be better than the real thing?
  5. The internet – a wonderful new information channel, or a dangerous one?
  6. Is technology breaking up the family unit or bringing it together?
  7. Internet P2P file sharing – opening up the internet or destroying the principles?
  8. Is the internet good or bad for kids?
  9. Is the internet a good thing or a bad thing?
  10. Internet shopping. Browse, buy or get mugged from the comfort of your own home
  11. What is the internet helping to teach our children about the world?
  12. Is technology killing the art of conversation? Text, email or talk to someone about it.
  13. Is the internet the ultimate invasion of privacy?
  14. The internet. Is freedom of speech a right, or sometimes a wrong?
  15. Are governments and regulators taking over the internet?

Guest editorials are provided by Desmond Morris on the global tribe, Will Self on the pros and cons of the internet, Ekow Eshun on online communities, Jack Patrick Hughes, an 11 year old, on whether the internet is making kids lazy or smart.


The Good/Bad campaign was developed at Grey London by executive creative director Dave Alberts, creatives Lee Brook and Nick Rowland, with TV producer Stephanie Wellesley.

The films were directed by Errol Morris via Moxie Pictures, with producer Dawn Laren.

Post production was done at Glassworks, London.

  • scott gibson

    the internet is full of disinformation false spyware viruses etcetc i hate it with a vengance but have to tolorate its seriouse misgivings

  • susie radelwits

    Yes, it’s bad thing. It stops my kids from doing homework because all they want to do is go onto websites. You can talk to people on these websites and I don’t like it. I don’t know what kind of people they meet. I tried to stop them from going on but they go on when they tell me they are doing homework. Then they go on. Ever since we got the internet they don’t do their homework. It stops them from learning.

  • kyle

    I think you’re being a bit too cautious about them meeting strangers. Everyone knows not to give out personal details on the internet and furthermore they’re probably just talking to school friends you don’t know.
    As for them not doing their homework, that’s your responsibility you should be more strict, but generally speaking the internet is one of the greatest learning tools out there.

  • To be honest, I never imagined taking part in such a discussion. The internet is perhaps the most groundbreaking communication platform ever invented. For every abuse that can be performed on the internet there are countless enriching experience to be had. It’s a much more democratic form of media we haven’t seen ever since radio waves were shut down to amateur broadcasters. People from all political affiliations have a platform where they can band together and hold politicians accountable. Information from remote parts of the developing world can reach developed world, opening up the dissemination of such information, which had previously been a one-way street. I could go on, but I would rather simply ask why it’s productive to even ask the question whether it’s good or bad? Would an attempt to eliminate the internet not produce a much harsher result than the internet could ever pose? We don’t need to contemplate the overall virtue of the internet to try to mitigate its misuses.

  • Same question as “is fire a good thing?”. It has pro’s and con’s all the same. It can be used for good and for bad. Better questions would be how can we collectively use the internet for good, and prevent it being used for bad. Like humanity has done for fire, knives, guns, explosives, etc, etc.

    Then again, what is good or bad? Quite a philosophical question..

  • Eduuardo Vald├ęs

    Internet, a good thing? Sure yes, sure no, why? because internet is a tool.A tool cant be good or bad so the good or bad influence of internet is our resposability. The internet will reflect its user so if good ones run out or get away from internet screaming: oh, internet is a bad thing lets close it! Internet users will be the bad ones. What the solution? Easy, if yor are a good one, blog, upload and coment!

  • joshua

    i really want internet specially it can help me on my work

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