Anzac Day Promoted by Returned Services in New Zealand

The New Zealand Returned Services Association have had the benefit of advertising support over the past three years. In 2003 Townsquare Group offered their services pro bono to RNZRSA to assist the association in areas of advertising and general public communication. The campaign, connecting photography and memorabilia, helps the New Zealand public connect with the memories of overseas military campaigns in the leadup to Anzac Day. Anzac Day, a public holiday in New Zealand and Australia, is a commemoration initially connected with the landing of the ANZAC (Australia New Zealand Armed Corps) at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915. On April 21 New Zealanders are given the opportunity to buy red poppies to support the work of the RSA in supporting veterans and their families.

RSA Print Ad

“OE” refers to “Overseas Experience”, a rite of passage for young adults in New Zealand.

RSA Mates on the Field Print Ad

RSA Roll Up the Sleeves Print Ad

RSA Anxiously Watched Their Mail Print Ad

RSA Adventure Print Ad

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