Ameriquest Concert – I’m Her Daddy

Ameriquest’s ‘Don’t Judge Too Quickly’ campaign appears to gaining momentum, with the TV ad ‘Concert’, or ‘I’m Her Daddy’, reaching viral status in the last two weeks. The Ameriquest Concert spot was nominated for an Emmy, and was awarded a Silver Lion at Cannes and a gold award at The One Show. Three teenage girls are on their way to a concert, driven by the father of one of the girls. They sing, “All the boys are calling Crazy Girl!” with the car stereo blazing away. The daughter says, “I hope she sings this tonight”. “I know!”, say her friends in the back seat. She asks her dad to pull over at a convenience store. “We need gum!”. “I’m on it”, he says.

Daughter takes money in Ameriquest TV Ad

As the girls walk into the shop he realises that she doesn’t have the money needed to buy the gum. “Oh honey! Here’s some money.” The camera switches to the view from a police car. “What have we got here?”, says a policeman, siren briefly blaring. Headlights reveal the man holding out the dollar bill towards a scampily dressed young woman. The super: “Don’t Judge Too Quickly. We won’t.” As “Ameriquest Mortgage Company” appears on the screen we hear the man’s hesitant voice, “I’m her Daddy.” Click on the image below to play the Ameriquest Concert video.


The Ameriquest ‘Don’t Judge Too Quickly’ campaign was developed at DDB Los Angeles by creative directors Mark Monteiro and Helene Cote, art director Sarah May Bates, copywriter Josh Fell, and agency producer Vanessa MacAdam.

Filming for ‘I’m Her Daddy’ was directed by Craig Gillespie via Morton Jankel Zander (MJZ) with director of photography Rodrigo Prieto.

Editing was done at Spot Welders by Haines Hall. Sound was designed at Soundelux DMG, with music the responsibility of Mikael Sandgren.

Ameriquest Don't Judge Too Quickly ad


Ameriquest in May 2006 decided to close all 229 retail branches and cut 3,800 jobs, in the wake of the subprime mortgage crisis. Apparently the company had taken the ‘We won’t judge too quickly’ approach too far. The parent company, ACC Capital Holdings, was bought by Citigroup in 2007.