Japanese Girls Go Husky at Ajinomoto Stadium

Ajinomoto Stadium, home of Japanese football teams F.C. Tokyo and Tokyo Verdy 1969, was promoted in 2004/2005 with ‘Husky Girls’, a humorous television commercial designed to appeal to Japanese women. A young male student arrives in Tokyo, in a Happy Moving Company removal truck. Driving through the streets he is overwhelmed by the beauty of the local girls. When he walks into his first lecture he sits beside a cute-looking young woman. All is looking good for a new friendship until her phone rings. It’s Mika on the line, looking for a seat. As the girls converse the young man is thrown by the depth of their voices. Even the female lecturer sounds like a man.

Husky Girl in Ajinomoto Stadium ad

In the cafeteria the young man hears female students talking in deep voices about the exciting night about to happen. He rushes out, only to be confronted by the deep voices of a female choir singing “Ave Maria”. The young man rushes through the streets in desperation. Finally he bumps into a young woman, knocking her over. She’s the first woman he’s met with a normal voice. In bed the young bespectacled woman asks “…why me?”. He explains that it’s her voice. She tells him she doesn’t go to the games. The spot moves to a scene at Ajinomoto Stadium. Young women lose their voices as they scream in excitement. The tagline: “Scream All You Like!”. Click on the image below to play the video.


Husky Girls was developed at Tokyo advertising agency Dentsu, Tokyo by creative director Yuya Furukawa, copywriter Hiroyo Kanehako, art director Hiroyo Kanehako, account supervisor Eiji Kudo, working with Ajinomoto Stadium marketing director Takanobu Nakui.

Filming was directed by Jun Kawanishi at Dentsu Tec Inc, Tokyo, with producers Maho Tada and Hidetoshi Nakano, directors of photography Keiji Hasegawa and Yasuyuki Okuda.

Editor was Kenji Nishino. Music was provided by Muto Associates.

Post Production was done at Digital Egg.

Girls shouting at Ajinomoto Stadium


Ajinomoto Stadium Husky Girls won several awards in 2005, including a gold at the Asia Pacific Advertising Festival, a Silver Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival, and a Cresta International Advertising award.

Stereotyping Issues

Commercial Closet raises concerns about this ad’s stereotyping of women, pointing out that this approach builds on a fear of same-sex attraction or inappropriate gender behavior (transphobia) to heighten the joke.

Ajinomoto Stadium ad

Ajinomoto Stadium is located in Chofu, Tokyo, Japan, and is named by Ajinomoto Co., Inc.