Battle of the Ad Blogs 2006

Adland at has announced a battle of the Ad Blogs. Voting is on there until February 10. The prize is a t-shirt, a Pixies CD, a brag-image, and 100 jewel cases. What’s at stake here is a bit of fun and some blogosphere glory. Sadly Adland, being the organiser, isn’t in the nominations. Oh well…

The first category for voting is non English language ad blog. Included in the thirteen blogs listed here is Werbeblogger (German) which conscienciously provides credits for its sources, including Duncan’s TV Adland.

Best Ad-Porn Blog – showing lots of images, has seven contenders.

For best General Ad Commentary I’d pick George Parker’s AdScam – clever and insightful comment from an experienced creative director/consultant that keeps the industry on its toes.

Campaignbrief is the local contender for Best Ad Commentary not from the United States. It’s written by Michael Lynch, with a team of 24 contributors based in Australia, NZ and Asia. Or maybe official visitors, as Michael comments below.

And then there’s Best Commercial Ad Blog, Best Ad Agency Blog, Best Planner/Theorists Blog, Best School Ad Blog, Best Design Discussion Blog, Best Typography Blog, and Best Marketing Blog.

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