Adidas Pink by Charlie White

Adidas has been releasing weekly videocasts featuring the seven colors of their Adicolors shoe range: white, green, pink, blue, red, black, and yellow. Adidas Pink features Chelsea Rose, a blonde woman, being transformed by pink layers of existence in scenes reminiscent of the transformation of Neo in The Matrix.

Chelsea Rose in Adidas Pink viral ad

Under the watchful eye of pink soft toys, the woman is grooming herself when she is overtaken by a liquid exuded by a pink shell. The atmosphere created by the combination of photography and music leaves the viewer unsure how to treat the ad. Click on the image below to play the video

Adidas Pink Credits

The Pink spot was directed/created by Charlie White with help from Furlined executive producers Diane McArter, David Thorne and George Meeker, producer Steven Sills, director of photography Carl Nilsson, production designer Sue Tebbutt, and costume designer Maya Lieberman.

‘Adidas Pink‘ was edited at The Whitehouse Post by Kevin Zimmerman.

Visual effects were developed at Asylum under the supervision of Glen Bennett.

Music for ‘Pink’ was ‘Muse Remix’, composed and performed by Greg Weeks.

Adidas Adicolor ShoesThe ads are promoting a line of white shoes that can be hand colored by their owners. The Adicolor web site includes a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci: “For those colours which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white background.”

Each video is being made by a different director with full say in the direction of their work: Roman Coppola & Andy Bruntel, Neill Blomkamp, PSYOP, TRONIC, Saiman Chow, Charlie White, and HAPPY.

Each director was assigned a color and asked to create a viral film based on their emotional and creative response to that color. The resulting shorts are a ‘color-coded collection of innovative film aesthetics and contemporary creative sensibilities, a truly post-modern mix of genre, style and technique’.

The color-coded videos are being made available for free download from sites such as iTunes, IFilm and Google Video. In addition, Paris-based adicolor Consortium partner, Colette, is offering on-sight free downloads of the Podcasts.

Chelsea Rose foot in Adidas Pink viral ad