Adidas Adicolor Green in Post Apocalyptic Bliss

The second instalment in the Adicolor Directors’ series is ‘Green’, directed by HAPPY. The three minute video features two couples celebrating an orgy of green in a post post nuclear environment. The silver haired couples, the Finkles and Gladstones, eagerly anticipate a celebration first begun in the wake of a nuclear holocaust. This is a rite that has lost its original significance but continues to reward with excitement.

Final scene in Adidas Adicolor Green

The women begin first. They take green pods out of a bowl and burst them, resulting in green goo on their chests. The men watch on with enrapture, finally joining in a fracas that takes on the appearance of a biological holocaust as the room becomes covered in green splots. The final tagline: “Receive and you shall receive”. Unlike most advertisements, and like most features, the final credits are all given in this spot. Click on the image below to play the video.


Adidas Adicolor Green was written and directed by HAPPY via Smuggler, with production team Patrick Milling Smith, Brian Carmody, Alison Kunzman, and Pete Vitale, director of photography Bryan Newman and production designer Teri Whittaker, assistant director Angela Tortu, production supervisors Alex Waite and Sara Noyes, assistant production supervisor Jackie Wong. The script was written by Matt Diehl and Trevor McMahan. Costumes designed by Keith Wager, make up by Dawn Brocco. Casting director was Francine Selkirk.

Actors are Lionel Aimes as Mr Finkle, Kay D’Arcy as Mrs Finkle, George Woods as Mr Gladstone, Nancy Schofield as Mrs Gladstone. Voiceover is Stephen Hill.

Visual effects were developed at Framestore under the supervision of executive producer Jon Collins, producer James Razzall, effects artist Murray Butler, and assistant Cecilia Chien.

Music is by Drazen Bosnjak at Q Department, with executive producer Julie Hurwitz, orchestrator Taylor Haskins and sound mixer Phil Loeb.

Adidas Green was edited by Maury Loeb at PS 260, with editorial producer Zarina Mak, assistant producer Mitch Stockwell and assistant editor Sarra Idris.

Telecine was done at Company 3 by colorist Tim Masick, with producer Luana Ayres.