Absolut Cut the Crap

Absolut has relaunched it’s vodka, “Absolut Cut”, in Australia with a new campaign of television advertisements, “Cut The Crap”, focusing on values of sharpness and candour. Each ad finishes with a clenched fist slamming a bottle of Absolut Cut on to a bench, with the tagline, “Cut the Crap” and “Absolut Vodka. Soda Water. Natural Citrus.” Four ads are available to view online at Absolut Cut Australia.

Absolut Cut The Crap ads


A young man and his mother talk about their relationships, with subtitles revealing the subtext of the conversation – the fact that she knows that he is gay and he knows about her irregular relationship. As they talk the kettle comes to the boil and whistles.
Say, how’s your love life? (Do you like boys or girls?)
Great. I’m dating a flight attendant. (I’m sleeping with a gogo dancer)
She’s blonde. (He’s black – or built)
Oh that’s wonderful honey. (So, it’s a boyfriend)
When do we get to meet her? (Dad is going to love this)
Well she travels a lot. (Not in a million years)
What about you? (What about you?)
How’s your back ache? (Still sleeping with your chiropractor?)


A man opens a birthday present from his partner. Subtitles reveal his inner reactions.

For me? Oh you shouldn’t have
(Oh… I wish you hadn’t)
It was so thoughtful of you.
(Where should I hide this one?)
I just know I’m going to love it.
(I hope you left the receipt in the box).
A t-shirt with a photograph of the couple on the front.
The couple smile at each other.


A man welcomes a young woman into his office and prepares her for a job interview. Subtitles reveal him to be a cynical sleaze bag.

Hi! Welcome to TechniCore
(Welcome to hell).
So you’re interviewing for internal communications
(Making photocopies, sharpening pencils).
I think you’ll find there’s an exciting atmosphere here.
(Bad coffee, sexual harrassment).
Upward mobility
(Lifetime internship).
A team
(Everyone for himself).


A woman speaks to her date at an intimate table for two.

Jim… you are such a wonderful person
(I am going to dump you).
You are understanding
(I am going to dump you).
And kind
And you’re a great listener

Absolut Cut Credits

Absolut Cut ImageThe Absolut Cut the Crap campaign was created at TBWA\France by creative director Sébastien Vacherot and Matthew Branning with agency producer Stéphanie Huguenin.

The Absolut Cut ads were directed by Waverly Films (Ben Dickinson, Jon Watts, Jake Schreier, Christopher Ford) via La Pac, Paris, with director of photography Matthew Santos and producer Charlotte Lepot. Filming was shot over two days in New York.

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