ABC Classic Music Ironing

ABC promoted its Classic FM program in March 2005 with two TV ads focusing on enhanced housework and everyday tasks, showing how classical music can transform the ordinary moments in life into something magical. Each ad aims to encourage new listeners to try ABC Classic out and see how ABC Classic FM can provide “the perfect soundtrack to your day”.

Ironing is Wonderful - from inside ABC CD

Ironing is Wonderful

A woman irons a shirt to the soundtrack of “Ave Maria”, by Baroque composer Giuliuo Caccini. As violins and woodwind play their beautiful melody, the camera pays attention to the buttons, the iron, the patterns on the ironing board, and the relaxed face of the ironer. The super: “Life is wonderful with Classic FM”. Viewers are directed to the ABC Classic FM web site:

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Ironing is Thrilling

The same woman is featured, this time with more movement of the shirt. The soundtrack is the stirring “Dance of the Knights: Montagues and Capulets” from Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet, Romeo and Juliet, Act I, Scene 2, Number 13. The super: “Life is thrilling with Classic FM”. Viewers are directed to the ABC Classic FM web site:

Production is Beautiful

The ABC Classic Ironing spots were developed by a creative team from Host and The Glue Society, Melbourne. The campaign was developed by writer and director Paul Bruce (The Glue Society), agency producer Emma Friend (Host), project managers Melissa Dean and Briony Amey (Host), director of photography Keith Wagstaff, producer Danielle Barron and production manager Ian Fairclough. Post Production was done by freelance editor Jack Hutchings with producer Tina from The Lab. Audio production, of course, was done inhouse with ABC.

Ironing Music is Available

‘Ave Maria’ was arranged by Daniel Walker, recorded for ABC, conducted by Lyn Williams, Sinfonia Austalis and Gondwana Voices, and is included in the Gondwana Voices album, Dreamings.

‘Romeo and Juliet’ the ballet was written by Prokofiev in 1935-1936 shortly after moving back to live in Russia. ‘Dance of the Knights: Montagues and Capulets’ was performed by Sydney Symphony Orchestra with conductor Christopher Nicholls.

Both pieces are available on the CD Life is Beautiful Vol. 1, available for sale at all ABC shops and outlets. Note that the giveaway CD of the same name, a part of the 2005 campaign, does not include the above tracks.