118 118 Honda Choir Spoof

118 118, the British directory service, has come up with its follow-up to the Honda Cog spoof, this time taking the mickey on the Honda Choir ad. The two 118 characters with handlebar moustaches give us their version of the voice-effects-driven experience of the 118 van driving around town. The voiceover clues us in… “This is what it feels like to be 118 118.” The two singers struggle to start up their vehicle, finally moving things into action with the slap of a fish. And so the madness begins.

118 118 Choir

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The 118 118 Choir spot was developed at Meme London, by Anson Harris, known for his Danish Bacon Bump and Grind take-off of the Citroen Transformer ad, as well as the other 118 118 viral ads.

The choir spoof was directed by Nick Jones and produced by Sophie Weldon at Rogue Films.

The 118 118 Honda Choir spoof was edited by Tim Hardy at Cut + Run, London.

Other 118 118 spoofs include The A-Team, Rocky (directed by Jim Hosking at Partizan) and Cog.

Click on the image below to play the A-Team video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Rocky video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

  • Duncan, Great site this. Could become the Ad-rag, ad land of Down Under. I have been looking for the NRMA film from few years ago, the one where it starts to rain and all the creatures in a lawn start to scurry around. Brilliant execution, I remember. Was in D&AD merit for craft about half a dozen years ago.

    Do you have that commercial. Or know the production house of the same?


  • Thanks Nishad. At dawn the day after tomorrow, look here. The NRMA Ladybird spot will be here.

  • awesome! Check this blog, pretty cool: http://www.coollokingads.blogspot.com

  • You can watch the 118 118 Chori and Honda Choie side by side here:


    Also see the Sony Bravia ad with the Tango spoof:


  • This is truly an excellent advert Duncan. It is a memorable as the Honda cog spoof. The 118 118 brand has strengthened over the past few years by using comedy as its main tool. Consumers remember the brand due to the humorous adverts.

    Can’t wait for the next one


  • deadthevideo

    What about the ads appearing to poke fun at ‘The A-Team’, particularly the young boy with the Mr. T hairstyle.

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  • Eddie

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen this week! I’m still laughing and I already sent the link to all my friends.
    Eddie Petosa – custom server programmer.