XBox 360 jumps in with a Roar

‘Joy;’, the third XBox 360 ‘Jump In’ TV commercial is out. This is the third in the Jump In series, Jump Rope and Water Balloons, documented at my earlier post on November 14. Alex is walking down the street talking to a woman on his mobile phone. As he hangs up he comes across a sword stuck in the ground, King Arthur style. Pulling it out, he walks through a gate into a battleground. There are flames everywhere. Soldiers run past with a ladder. Helmeted Japanese soldiers run past carrying white mannequins.

Young man roars at monster in XBox TV ad

What’s missing? A soundtrack. Easily fixed with a sword -pushing a car radio on. We hear the music of Korn, “Put your hands in the air, like you don’t care…”. Alex ducks behind a shield to survive a lethal volley of arrows. Now we hear a deep throaty roar. The soldiers retreat in panic. Alex emerges into the street where he finds a giant fingering the remains of an ice cream truck. As our player crunches an icecream cone the giant reaches down and grabs him, lifting him up for a closer look. Once again that horrifying roar. Alex answers back… ‘Roooaaarrr!!”

And that’s it. XBox 360. Jump In.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The XBox 360 ‘Joy’ ad was developed at McCann Worldgroup, San Francisco, with creative team Jeff Huggins, John McNeil, Scott Duchon, Geoff Edwards, Rick Herrera, agency producer Hannah Murray, group strategy director Mike Harris, general manager Courtney Buechert and account director Peter Goldstein.

Production was done by MJZ Los Angeles, with director Rupert Sanders, executive producers Lisa Rich and David Zander, London producer Anna Hashmi and director of photography Wally Pfister.

Sound and music were produced at Wave Studios, London, by sound engineer Parv Thind.

Editor was Neil Smith at The Whitehouse Post, London.


The song, “Word Up”, was performed by Cameo back in 1986 and is available on the album of the same name as well as on their Greatest Hits album.

Korn’s version is available on Korn’s Greatest Hits.

Cameo’s “Word Up” Lyrics (1st verse and chorus):

Yo, pretty ladies around the world
Gotta a weird thing to show you
So tell all the boys and girls
Tell your brother, your sister and your momma too
Were about to go down
And you know just what to do
Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care
Glide by the people as they start to look and stare

Do your dance, Do your dance
Do your dance quick, mom

C’mon baby tell me what’s the word
Now, word up (ahh ahh)
Everybody say
When you hear the call you got to get it under way
Word up(ahh ahh)
It’s the call, word
No matter where you say it
You know that you’ll be heard

Cameo: Word Up – Gold on iTunes