Wonderbra Wow Effect

Wonderer is running “The Wow Effect”, a print advertising campaign promoting the effect the push-up bra has on those who see it in use. The campaign, run in France and the UK, shows patrons in a sushi bar and a restaurant, and pedestrians on an escalator, gawking at the camera. Publicis Conseil, the agency behind the campaign, says that the aim is to position the brand not as “The bra that makes my boobs bigger” but “The brand that makes me sexier.” At the same time, the client seeks to “make the brand fashionable once more” while “daring to break the rules.” Creative director Olivier Altmann explains, “A woman wearing a Wonderbra still gets everyone’s attention, but the point is this woman could be every woman. She’s there and you know she is, but you don’t need to actually see her. In essence, the idea gives each viewer the opportunity to live out the experience that could be hers if only she wore a Wonderbra. Empowered and sexier than ever, she can have it all. Every woman who opens her favorite magazine will come face to face with a double-page ad with 15 to 20 people staring back at her; she’ll definitely get the impression she’s capturing everyone’s attention when she enters the room, as if she were wearing the Wonderbra herself.”

Wonderbra Escalator

Wonderbra Sushi Bar

Wonderbra Wow Effect in Bar


The Wonderbra Wow Effect was developed at Publicis Conseil, Paris, by creative director Olivier Altmann, copywriter Olivier Camensuli, art director Frederic Royer, photographer Vincent Dixon, account supervisor Christophe Lichtenstein working with Wonderbra marketing manager Carlo Paolucci.