VW Passat 120 short films commissioned

Volkswagen have launched a web site and television commercial campaign of 120 short films to advertise the ‘not-so-standard features’ on the 2006 VW Passat. On their dedicated mini site viewers are able to watch quirky lateral thinking SWF videos promoting features such as automatic trunk release (features an elephant), chrome front grille frame (photograph taken of a girl with braces in her teeth), full size spare tire (donuts on a plate). Viewers can register to be informed when new clips are added to the site.

VW Passat 120 site

VW Passat 120 site

VW Passat 120 site


The campaign was developed at Arnold Worldwide, Boston, by creative director Ron Lawner, Alan Pafenbach and Dave Weist, associate creative director/art director Colin Jeffery, creative director/art director Phillip Squier, group head producer Amy Favat, assistant producer Mary Donington. The campaign is the last created by Arnold Worldwide for Volkswagen as the account is moving to Crispin Porter + Bogusky in December.

Screenshot from VW 120 Films

The project was coordinated by The Ebeling Group, Los Angeles, by executive producer Mick EBeling and producer Dan Bryant.

Films were produced at Curious Pictures, New York; Tomato, New York, Lobo, Sao Paulo, and Lifelong Friendship Society, London.

Online editing was done at Brickyard VFX, Boston and Los Angeles, by producer Michael McCarthy, associate producer Dawn Dorland, producer Diana Young.

Filming was shot by directors Luis Blanco and Michael Uman at Curious Pictures.

  • jeff matthews

    i was wondering the vw ad with the older couple and the younger couple parked.is the young lad driving the car the lad out of the hba ad?

  • darlene

    I was wondering if you knew the song from one of your VW commericals that has a man singing in it..I think he is Canadian, and the ad was out in the last 6 months…the only part of the song i know is..”there’s a life, for life…and i do believe the commercail starts out with a man getting out of bed in the am..could you please help me out on the song….




    I was wondering if anyone knew the atrist and song name of a PASSAT advert. Its slogen is LIFE HAPPENS. the only part i know is…”you will always be my baby boy…you will alwys be my pride and joy”