VW Polo Suicide Bomber

As tasteless as the Ford Sportka bird and cat ads, we now have the spoof VW Polo Suicide Bomber viral ad. It’s out there loose on the internet – being sent from computer to computer, and occasionally captured on a site for more downloads.

VW Polo explodes inside

A man appearing to be Middle Eastern drives his car to a cafe – parks outside, pushes a button. We see an explosion – contained entirely within the car. We’re left with the VW logo, and the words, “Polo. Small but tough”.

Click on the image below to play the video.

Volkswagen have distanced themselves from the online quicktime video – and have taken steps to sue the makers of the hoax.

And who made it? Lee and Dan – a London based independent agency with an eye for catching the attention of the advertising world. Lee Lockwood and Dan Brooks have since joined up with Quiet Storm.

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