Volkswagen Diesel Way Ahead of its Time

Volkswagen Australia promoted its technological advances in the development of clean and efficient diesel engines with VW Way Ahead. A goose flies way ahead of the flock. A bride arrives at the church way ahead of the wedding. A cock crows way ahead of dawn. A child spells “Mississippi” with fridge magnets, way ahead of his age. A child looks over her a candle-lit 40th birthday cake, way ahead of middle age. A businesswoman puts up her umbrella, way ahead of the rain. Streetlights come on, way ahead of the dark. A goalie dives across the soccer net, way ahead of the ball. An ice skater ties her laces in spring, way ahead of the winter freeze. A VW diesel vehicle drives past and reverses back. The voiceover: “With the world’s most advanced technology, Volkswagen diesel is way ahead of its time”.

Images from the VW Diesel Way Ahead TV Ad

What makes this ad so beautiful is the combination of cinematography and subtle soundtrack (piano and cello). The ad is one of two in VW Australia‘s latest campaign. How timely, in the light of recent petrol price rises.


The ad was created by DDB Australia, by creative director Garry Horner, creatives Pete Ogden and Murray Bransgrove.

Filming was directed by Sean Meehan with Soma Films, with producer Sam McGarry and production manager Paul Radford. Filming was edited at Frame Set Match.