Virgin Mobile offers Kate Moss a contract

On Tuesday December 20 Virgin Mobile announced the online premiere of its new ad starring supermodel Kate Moss. The ad, in which Kate is seen using a Motorola RAZR V3i phone, is available to view online at The commercial’s British television premiere was seen at 6.45pm on Saturday 24th December on the ITV network, during Ant and Dec’s Christmas Takeaway, and is now being shown in high profile spots from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve on the ITV network, Channel 4, five, and satellite channels.

Kate Moss in Virgin Mobile commercial

‘Kate Moss Contract’ sees Kate relaxing at home and making tea, when she receives a call on her Motorola RAZR V3i phone from a man named ‘Kyle’. He has an American accent and is standing in front of what appears to be a New York skyline. Kyle tells her that he has found the perfect contract for her, and goes on to discuss with Kate the merits of the contract he has secured on her behalf. Click on the image below to play the video.

Kate it’s Kyle. Is this a good time?”
“Yup. I’m just making some tea.”
“Oh nice. Cup of tea. Earl Gray? I love the Earl Gray. Listen. You are going to love this. I just got you the mother of all contracts.”
“I can’t really say what it is now. Spies everywhere spies everywhere. But just trust me this is who we’ve been looking for and they want you. We’re back on top. Don’t call it a come back. (laughs) I’m going to get the paperwork done and I will talk to you later kitten. Oh bye bye.”

By the end of the ad we learn that Kyle is in fact in a Virgin Mobile store, and the contract that she has been looking for all this time is a new Pay Monthly Contract from Virgin Mobile. The skyline is actually a wall size poster promoting a competition for a trip to America.
The attendant asks, “Do you want a case with that?”
Voiceover: “Virgin Mobile – One Contract worth keeping”.

The online version gives viewers a chance to win a phone signed by Kate Moss.


The Virgin Mobile Kate Moss TV ad was created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe (RKCR/Y&R), with communication planning by Goodstuff and media buying by Manning Gottlieb OMD and DMC-Digital.

The ad was directed by California-based Paul Hunter, whose work is featured at Paul directed Virgin Mobile’s Busta Rhymes’ ad in the ‘Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs’ series, as well as iPod ‘Mash it up’ and Nike ‘Stickman Frisbee’. Paul is well known for his direction of music videos, including the Diva ‘Lady Marmalade’ video from the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge, and the video for ‘Me Against the Music’ featuring Madonna and Britney Spears. He directed Bulletproof Monk, the 2003 feature film starring Chow Yun-Fat and Seann William Scott.

Viral and buzz marketing for the Virgin Mobile Kate Moss ad was managed by Digital Media Communications (DMC).