Sealect Tuna Elevator Campaign Inspires Chicken Of The Sea Advertisement

Weight management is on the minds of many people after working through the feasts of the holiday season. With that in mind the Tuna Elevator viral ads continue to appeal to women and men around the world.

Office worker drools in Sealect Elevator television commercial

Sealect Elevator

To the sounds of a sultry saxophone drooling men watch a scantily clad woman walk through the office. She saunters over to the elevator and smiles at her colleagues as the door closes. As soon as they’re out of sight the music stops. She loses the smile, grimaces and breathes out, releasing her belly and ripping her tight skirt. A man’s low voice says in Thai, “Introducing Low Fat Sealect Tuna. Suck In No More”. In the two 15 second sequels the woman shares the elevator with a male colleague going to floor 91. To keep up the facade of slimness she’s forced to hold her breath.


The Sealect Tuna Chicken of the Sea campaign was developed at Dentsu Thailand, Bangkok, by executive creative director Piya Boontarig, creative director Trong Tuntivejakul, copywriter Chockechai Kasemsripitak, art director Kirasak Tungkanopas, and agency producer Nareerat Aphiphunya.

Filming was shot by director Thanonchai Sornsrivichai via Phenomena, Bangkok.

‘Elevator’ won gold at the 2001 Top Advertising Contest of Thailand Awards (TACT) and was a finalist in the London International Advertising Awards.

Chicken of the Sea Elevator

Five years later Chicken of the Sea, an American company fully owned by Thai Union since 2000, has adapted the elevator commercial for Western eyes. A slim woman, belly exposed, walks through the office to the elevator. Once the men are out of sight she breaths out, releasing her belly. However this time the skirt doesn’t rip. The ad finishes with an upbeat voiceover, “Chicken of the sea! Low fat, preservative free!” and a jingle, “What’s the best tuna? Chicken of the Sea!”

The US ad was released in August 2005. In Chicken of the Sea press release that month John Signorino, Chicken of the Sea president said, “The new creative combines humor with growing concerns about weight management – something many people can identify with. I was surprised when my wife showed me the amusing commercial her friend sent her on the Internet. She didn’t know it was the commercial our parent company was airing in Asia. After that, I knew the creative would resonate in the United States.”

The ad is available to view at Chicken of the Sea. Online viewers are encouraged to visit pages relating to health and weight management.

The ad was directed by Montol Arrayungkul for ad agency Chaiyo Productions, Thailand.