Toyota Hilux Bulls Hit Escape Plan

Toyota continues the country series of television commercials for the Hilux, following up the iconic “bugger” advertisements with Bulls Hit. Two black Angus bulls, catching a whiff of their female counterparts in the paddock over the hill, commandeer the farmer’s Toyota Hilux ute. “Hoof it!” They knock over the water trough and farmer, hoon through the sheep paddock, yelling abuse to the ‘sheep shagger’ ram, take a run through the hay barn to collect their hay. “It would be a bit rude to turn up empty handed!”

Toyota Hilux Bulls Hit TV Ad

They come to a sudden halt. “What’s wrong?” “Cattle stop”. And so it’s over the side of the hill they go. “Hang on!” In true Toyota Hilux fashion they fall through midair, in a way that would make Barry Crump proud, to land beside the beloved heifers. “Afternoon ladies!” “Afternoon boys. Nice truck!” “Do you fancy a ride?” The ad finishes with the truck rocking in suggestive fashion.

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Escape Plan was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi NZ by creatives Tony Talbot, John Plimmer, Chris Bleakley and Howard Greive.

Filming was shot by director Tony Williams via Sydney Film Company with producer Maggie Lewis.

Oktobor, the Auckland based visual effects company, were responsible for the animation on the Toyota “Bulls Hit”ad.

See my earlier post on May 9, referring to the comments of HalfPie of Wellington on the relationship between Aussies and New Zealanders as expressed in this ad. Also see my post on Tony Williams as director of the Toyota Bugger TV Ads.