Toyota Highlander: Eddie Blodgett

One of my nick names is “Highlander” – coming of course from my name sake character Duncan Macleod in the television series. So forgive me for every now and then posting on Toyota Highlander TV adverts! Here’s a quirky spot aimed at the weekend suburban DIY man: Toyota Highlander: Eddie Blodgett

Eddie Blodgett in Toyota Highlander TV Ad

When he came home the work day done
the weekend chores had just begun. (Eddie)
So he packed up his wife and his number one son
and headed out for coffee and a sticky bun

Singing hi hi ho and his name was Eddie Blodgett
Singing hi hi he he’s a software engineer
So off they go a riding to discover and explore
On the trail to the warehouse store.

Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube


The ad was released for USA television in January 2003, developed at Saatchi & Saatchi Los Angeles, by copywriter Max Godsil, art director Greg Braun, agency producer Lisa Jokanovich.

Filming was shot by director Baker Smith from Harvest Films with director of photography Paul Laufer, executive producer Bonnie Goldfarb and producer Debbie Tietjen.

Visual effects were done at Method Studios, by Lead 2D VFX Artist Cedric Nicolas, 2D VFX Artist Andrew Eksner, Scott McNiel, Junior 2D VFX Artist Brandon Sanders, Joe Morrison, Visual Effects Executive Producer, Neysa Horsburgh and Visual Effects Producer Mark Tobin.

Editor was Lucas Eskin at Mad River Post.

Colorist was Stefan Sonnenfeld at Company 3.
Audio Post was mixed at Ravenswork by Robert Feist.

Sound was designed at Asche and Spencer.

  • Sandy Midgley

    Could you tell me if the ad for the Highlander with the little boy that has to go to the bathroom was filmed at the Modern Snack Bar in Aquebogue, Long Island, New York

    Thank you

  • Joe Aversano

    I spotted the same video and I woild bet it was I tried finding the clip online but no luck and I only saw the ad once. If you get any info please email me Thanks Joe

  • Alan Daters

    I live in Riverhead, about 5 miles away. Yes it did have a scene at the Modern Snack Bar, but I haven’t seen the actual commercial yet.

  • Lori

    I’m sure I recognized the Modern Snack Bar sign in the ad as well. Nice clip, reminded me of the good times had working there in the late 70’s early 80’s. Put a smile on my face. Way to go Otto and John!

  • Liz

    I saw the ad tonight and after not being at the Modern Sanck Bar since the early ’70s when I was a small child, I recognized the sign and flipped out, saying, “That’s Modern Snack Bar!” I could taste the clams and cole slaw – hadn’t even thought about it in 30 years. Maybe I should buy a Highlander.

  • cindy

    We had dinner at the Modern Snack Bar last night. And while I was buying a lemon meringue pie to take home, spotted the framed Times Review article on the filming of the ad, hanging next to the cash register. Calling it ‘dinner and a show’, John brought out the DVD player and gave us a private screening of the commercial.

  • John

    Someone has now posted the ad (not great quality) on Youtube:

    Having grown up in Aquebogue, it’s kind of weird to see it on TV.