Toyota AFL Moments recreated

Toyota has teamed up with Australian Football League to promote memorable moments in the history of AFL. On the Toyota page of the AFL web site we’re introduced to a series of streamed ads in which Stephen Curry and Dave Lawson stage re-enactments of classic moments. Not one Toyota is to be seen. Just comedians running around a field with a veteran player.

Toyota AFL Legendary Moments Wayne Harmes ad

Steve and Dave relive the moment in the 1979 Grand Final when Carlton’s Wayne Harmes dived for the ball on the boundary line, getting the ball to teammate Ken Sheldon to kick the winning goal against Collingwood Magpies.

In another ad they re-enact Essendon Bomber James Hird’s emotional embrace of a fan to celebrate his match-winning goal at Telstra Dome.

Steve and Dave play Magpies Gavin Brown and Darren Millane supporting mullet-wearing Peter Daicos’ goal in the 1990 qualifying final that inspired Collingwood to ultimately go on to win the AFL Grand Final.

And most recently a ‘bone crushing’ moment from 1989 in which Hawthorn’s Dermott Brereton is crushed in the ribs by a Geelong player, Mark Yates. He’s helped back into the game by his coach and doctor and later kicks a winning goal.

Click on the image below to play the Alex Jesaulenko (Jezza) video

Former Swans and Saints player Tony Lockett has his moment recreated.


The Toyota AFL Moments campaign is produced by agency Publicis Mojo, with creative directors Darren Spiller, creative director/art director Simon Yeo, copywriter Steve Jackson, art director Jason Williams, and agency producer Sally McLennan.

Filming was directed by Dogboy (Matthew McCaughey & Antony Alekna) via The Pound, with director of photography Garry Richards, and producer Fiona McGregor.

Editing was done by editor Garry Woodyard, Tide Digital Editing. Sound is by Sam Farr, Gusto Music.

  • jonathan miles

    these toyota ads are great can u try and get the jesalenkou ones available 2 download and make em possible to download to windows media player

  • deno

    will someone please put up the jezza ad!!

  • jake

    i have the jezza ad on my phone and i cant find the other ones! please help me!!

  • G-Smilles

    jonathan miles hey man how do you download the jezza ad ???

  • Hey guys, I was looking for AFL sites and came across this :

    It totally cracked me up! Oh my god, I don’t know how long I sat there just looking and laughing, you should check it out.

  • The Man

    Will some one please tell where i can download the JEZZA Ad it is so good

  • Tash

    You can download the Jezza ad here:

  • You can find the latest with Melcolm Blight here:
    Not the best but still very good.

  • Nat

    Just wanted to know what guernsey is Dave wearing the the ads – would love to know

  • jacnl aytcock

    put on the new malcolm blight commercial

  • craigo

    bring on jesalenkou!!!

  • Shane

    Can you please tell me what jumper Dave LAWSON is wearing in the ads. It looks very much like the old Shepparton F.C jumper. It is a topic of some debate in our office. Any assistance would be appreciated. By the way, FANTASTIC ads!


    I think Kevin Bartlett running in to goal in the 1980 grand final should be selected soon for another advert

  • Harry

    Great Ads very funny! Love Them!

  • daniel

    you forgot the james hird ad

  • Jess

    Does anyone know how i can put one or two of these ads on my myspace? theyre the best!!

  • It is without a shadow of doubt an old Shepp Footy Club jumper and I want one. I missed out on getting one when the club changed to the pathetic Brisbane Bears jumpers it now currently wears.
    We have also made a plea to Toyota, and to Colin Scripps from the Shepp Football Club, on the Footytalk Podcast to return the jumpers and the Club to their former glory.

  • matt

    hey id just like to know how to download these ads please thanks
    and id like to no wat the symbol it is on daves top and if you are able to get his shirt

  • Matt,
    I have had a couple of these Jumpers made up for my own use. As an old Shepp player a long time ago, I was shattered when the club moved to the Brisbane Bears jumpers (circa 1996) and hope that the club will be reverting back to its former glory in the near future.

    I hope to be able to wear the jumpers in our new vidcasts that should be up and running on Footytalk very soon.
    If you are interested, in getting one, contact me at and I will let you know how you can get one.


    The Explosion


    weres malcom blights ad please put it tom

  • Terence W Bird

    What has happened to ‘what a huge behind’. I tend to think that big Tony cracked the shits and had it removed. Am I right? TWB

  • Anson

    can anyone tell me who is in the new moments of greatness ad that i saw during the geelong vs kangas final today?

    dave squirts the player with tomota sauce and then they put it down daves pants. hahaha!

    any news on when that will be available online. soon i hope.


  • Daniel

    Yeah that player was Legendary tiger Francis Bourke who played in 5 preimerships and made their team of the century hope that helps


    When will the richmond ad be on this site?

  • Dave WA

    Love the ads boys. . . .surely a Warwick Capper cant be to far away !!!!

  • Michael

    Re: the post above, if the explosion is anywhere near this site at any time, I’d really be interested in getting one of those Shep jumpers, as I played there myself. Actually I’d like to get a bunch for my extended family, as they all played there too. My father played in a number of the premiership sides there in the 60’s when Tom Hafey was coach.

    I tried the email address above, but it bounced back. I’ll check back here periodically to see if there’s a response.

  • Rocket

    Shepp never won a game this season in the Goulburn Valley footy league. Time to go back to wearing those old jumpers and being the Maroons again …