Tooheys Extra Dry Appliances in Clean Fight

Tooheys Extra Dry beer is presented as the prize drink in a visual effects-laden television commercial from Australia. A vacuum cleaner opens the fridge and takes out a beer, only to be attacked by a front-loading washing machine. They roll out to the courtyard and a swimming pool cleaner (barracuda) takes over the bottle. Eventually a party goer comes out to the swimming pool for a look, retrieving for himself the bottle of Tooheys Extra Dry.

Tooheys Extra Dry Bottle in TV Ad

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The TV advert for Tooheys, released on Sunday September 4, is BMF Advertising‘s follow up to their Tooheys “Quest” ad featuring a tongue with a serious thirst for beer.


The Tooheys Applicance fight was devloped at BMF, Sydney, by executive creative director Warren Brown, art director Andrew Ostrom, copywriter Andrew Petch, group account director Lisa Ramsey and agency producer Sue Stewart.

Filming on location in Woolloomooloo, Sydney, was shot by director Graham Burfoot via Filmgraphics, with executive producer Jude Lengel, animation director Simon O’Leary, and editor Sue Schweikert.

SFX/VFX were designed at Animal Logic by executive producer Jacqui Newman, producer Sarah Beard, line producer Pip Malone, design and on-set supervisor Jane Miledge, VFX supervisor Will Reichelt. The 3D Team were Mike Mellor, Andrew Lodge, Ben Falcone, Alwyn Hunt, Arild Anfinnsen, Steve Beck, Nathan Mitchell, Paul Jackovich, Brett Margules. Other members of the Animal Logic team were lead compositor Leon Willis, compositors Angus Wilson and Mark Robinson, and software developer Chris Bone.

Sound was designed by Barry Stewart at Sound Reservoir.

The “Battle of the Applicances” ad features music from the club soundtrack, “She’s at the Club,” from DJ Touche (Theo Keating).

  • Anonymous

    HI!!! this ad rocks. i have been searching for the song and artist for ages and i thank you for posting it on your website!!!!

  • Ben Nitchie

    Where do i download this ad! I want it so bad!

  • Sammy

    Thanks again… was hunting for this track

  • Sarag

    whats the song for the tooheys add
    and he puts hair on the ground then some beer
    and it grows people things
    whats the song for that???

  • Skrag Baby Skragg

    does anyone know the name of the song which tooheys uses on their ad when the man grows other people and the steals their beer?? im looking for the song when they are all dancing.DOES ANYONE KNOW IT???

  • Pretty Slut

    yeaa i dothe name is TEDS HARVEST you can search tooheys on myspace and go to the first selection.
    peace out babes,
    tits out for the boys.

  • See my post on HarvesTed here – with information on the song called Yama Yama.