Super Bowl TV Ads 2005

The Super Bowl XXXIX (February 2005) is the big advertising showcase for the USA. The 39th Superbowl final of the NFL (National Football League) was held at Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday February 6. It’s clearly a big deal in the US of A. Down under Gridiron just doesn’t rate much interest. But around the world advertising eyes are turning to the Superbowl television commercials.

Super Bowl XXXIX

Superbowl Ads is a web site that provides links to the news articles, advertisers’ sites, and a connection to the ads at ifilm. It’s run by Ken Phipps in San Francisco. IFilm have all 60 ads available to watch, as well as the banned ones. You have the choice of watching in Real, Quicktime or Windows Media Player. The only problem I had with this site was the lack of control over what I was watching.

Another site to check out is the Board Screening Room. Boards Mag is an advertising magazine that offers free online membership – providing limited access to articles and video files. Right now a good proportion of the Superbowl ads are available there in Quicktime format.

Adforum has two free Superbowl ads a day in mpeg format. For $10 US you can access all the Ads for 2004 and 2005 – for a whole year.

Oh, by the way, the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles 24 – 21.

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