Sumo chickens wrestle for Pepsi

Pepsi have recently caught the imagination of television viewers with their TV commercial, Sumo. A young man walks into a shop and orders a hot chicken to go with his Pepsi. When asked which of the two he wants, he puts his bottle down and looks through the glass. At the sight of the Pepsi, the two chickens launch into a sumo fight for the honor of being associated with the drink. Humorous and memorable but not terribly appetizing.

Sumo chickens wrestle in Pepsi TV Ad

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The Pepsi Sumo TV ad was developed at BBDO New York, by creative director Don Schneider, art director Peter Smith and producer Helen Balzarini.

The ad was directed by Paul Hunter and produced by Veronica Zellee at HSI Productions.

Visual effects were developed at Framestore CFC, New York, whose crew included producer Jon Collins, lead compositor Murray Butler, compositor Maryanne Lauric, CG artists David Hulin, Andy Walker, Kuan Lin, Jenny Bichsel and Don Mahmood.

Framestore combined their proprietary skinning and dynamic muscle system software tools with Maya/Mental Ray to create photo-real wrestling roast chickens, while giving the animators movement options well beyond the ability of any deli bird. Fight choreography was worked out via a live action shoot and edit of actual sumo wrestlers.

Editing was done by Clayton Hemmert at Crewcuts. Colorist was Chris Ryan at Nice Shoes.

Composer was Darren Solomon at Big Foote Music.